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All Fly Patterns Alphabetically

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Alaska Popsicle
American River Purple Perl

Baetis Cripple
Bead Rockworm
Beadhead Flashback Swimming PT
Beadhead Micro Mayfly
Ben Byngs CDC Caddis
Bill’s 12-Step Stonefly
Bill’s 12-Step Stonefly Ver. 2

Bill’s Articulated Damsel Nymph
Bill’s Articulated Golden Stonefly
Bill’s Baby Bass Fly
Bill’s Bassy Bunny
Bill’s Big Fish Fly
Bill’s Callibaetis Dun
Bill’s Dangerous Damsel
Bill’s Emerging Thing
Bill’s Fall Phase Stick Caddis
Bill’s Gray Meme
Bill’s Little Yellow Stonefly Nymph
Bill’s Morning Waltz Caddis
Bill’s October Bandit
Bill’s Orange Treat
Bill’s Simple Parachute Drake
Bill’s Skwala
Bill’s Simple Stone
Bill’s Simple Tarantula
Bill’s Swimming Starling Sally
Bill’s Swimming Starling Sally Dry
Bill’s Twilight Pinkie

Biot Emerger
Birds Nest
Birds Stonefly
Black Rubber Legged Beast
Black Sparkle Wooly Bugger
Bloody Black Disco Leech
Blot Emerger

Burk’s Hare’s Ear Bottom Roller
Burk’s Aggravator Prince Nymph
Buzz Hackle
BWO Nymph
BWO Quigley Cripple
BWO Thorax Dun
CDC Emerging Midge
Chernobyl Ant
Chironomid Pupae

Chopaka Emerger
Christmas Tree
Clouser Minnow 2007
Clouser Minnow
Cluster Midge
Coal Car
Copper John
Cutter’s Perfect Ant
Dark Lord
Delta Winged Ant
Doug’s Damsel
Doug O’s Stonedaddy and more
Electric Caddis
Extended Body Caddis Emerger

Flashy Chick Caddis
Floating Caddis Pupa
Fox Poopah
Gold Ribbed Hare’s Ear
Green Rockworm
Green Rockworm Furled
Hacklestacker Midge
Hairwing Coachman
Hex NymphHickey’s Automatic Emerger
Hogan’s S&M Nymph
HumpyJay Fair’s Wiggle Tail Nymph
Jay Fair’s Wiggle Tail Nymph
Jimmy Legs Stonefly Nymph
Jose Mosca Negra
Kelly Galloup’s Zoo Cougar
Ken Hanley’s Furled Damsel
Ken Hanley’s Furled Hopper

Ken Hanley’s October Blimp
Ken Hanley’s Pygmy Hopper

Ken Hanley’s Salty Bunny
LaFontaine’s Caddis Larva
Little Green Thing
Little Green Stonefly
Little Winter Stone (dry)
Little Yellow Stone
Meal Ready To Eat
Micro Caddis Fuzzball
Mike Mercer’s Z-Wing Caddis
Muir Wulff – photo added Feb, 2018
Neale’s Crayfish

Nemec’s Baetis Emerger (updated 11/3/12)
October Birds Nest Nymph
Ostrich Scud
Parachute Adams
Parachute Cahill Variant
Partridge and Orange

Partridge and Orange Soft Hackle
Peacock Dragonfly
Peatridge Hotwire Soft Hackle
Peatridge Hotwire Soft Hackle Mod
Pettis Pulsating Pupa
Pettis Unreal Egg
Pheasant Tail Soft Hackle
Pheasant Tail Soft Hackle Modified
Pink Shad Fly
Prince Nymph

Princely Caddis Emerger
Pseudo Seal Nymph
Pullover Hackle Flies
Pulsating Caddis
Randy’s Attractor
Red Fox Squirrel
Rickard’s Stillwater Callibaetis Nymph

Rickard’s Stillwater Nymph
Ron English Shad Fly
Ron’s Krystal Hare’s Ear
Ron’s Krystal Maggie

Ron’s Sili-Bugger
Ron’s Simple Crayfish
Royal Wulff
Scott’s Floating Nymph
Shambles Caddis
Shambles Caddis II
Simple Stonefly Nymph
Simple Stonefly Yuba River
Simpleton Frog
Skyhomish Sunrise
Skwala Stonefly Adult
Snowshoe Biot Emerger
Slow Water Caddis
Soft Hackle Pheasant Tail
South First Special
Sparkle Hare’s Ear Nymph
Spring Pupa
String Leech
Super Minnow
Super Pupa
Surf Candy
Terry Barron’s Swimming Damsel Nymph The Dark Lord Nymph
The Gulper Special
Tiger Leech
Triple Double
White Top Deer Hair Caddis
Wooly Bugger
Yuba River Squalla
Zebra Midge

Change Log:
2/20/18, eliminated “The  Billywog” in favor of “Billywog2”, same fly. ejp
2/21/18, added “Yuba River Squalla” by Paul Egan, added photo to “Hare’s Ear” ejp
1/6/19, converted the “Crystal Maggie” from HTML to pdf as “Ron’s Krystal Maggie” ejp