Classes run January thru May!

There has been great participation in our GBF Basic Rod Building classes over the last 10 plus years, with master rod builder and long-time GBF member Larry Lee as Instructor-in-Chief.  Classes have ranged from group classes conducted in the Fall of each year to individual classes held throughout the year based on member’s availability. Rods built ranged from 2 weights to 12 weights with various lengths.  In addition, the class is eligible for credit for the GBF Golden Trout certificate program.

The classes cover the basic rod building techniques of fitting and installing reel seats and handles, attaching line guides with nylon thread, and sealing the thread wraps with epoxy finish.  Members also personalized their rods with their name and rod model.  Participants have a great time learning new skills and appreciate the individual one-on-one instruction provided during the class.

If you have not signed up for a rod building class but would like to be included in a future session, or have any rod-building questions whatsoever, please feel free to contact Larry Lee at (916) 601-7853 or L3rods@gmail.com.