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Build your custom rod with L3Rods

A Rod Building Class can be scheduled anytime during the year when both the participant and Larry Lee are available.  The rod building class is 3 classes of approximately 3 hours each, for a total of 9 hours.  Participants can and should bring their cell phones to document the process for later review. Arrangements can be made if more instruction is needed for any reason. At the final class, Larry Lee will prepare and complete the rod with epoxy. Cost of the kits include the instruction, epoxying, and putting your name on your custom rod and use of the tools, such as the hand rod wrapper, scissors, burnishing tool, tape, plyers, and epoxy. If you cannot finish the rod for any reason, it will be completed at no extra cost by the instructor.  Kit prices vary from $150 to $900.

Contact Larry Lee via text or phone at 916-601-7853 for questions or to set up your class.

Additional Information

The class covers information such as how to select the right parts as well as building the custom fly rod.  The class will also include techniques such as splining blanks, installing reel seats, handles, fighting butts, winding checks, and hook keepers.  Participants can select the color of nylon thread to attach the hook keepers and guides.  Premium parts will be used including oversized guides.  As the last step, the rod will be prepared for epoxy which will be applied by the instructor, Larry Lee (with over 2500 rods experience).  Your custom fly rod will look outstanding and be comparable to an expensive rod.  As a bonus, this class qualifies as credit for the GBF Golden Trout program.

Rod Holder

Robert Pfau and his completed 9’, 5 wt. RX 10 graphite rod

Butt & Rod Section

Various stages of wrapping

Various stages of wrapping

Various stages of wrapping

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