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Gary Gale, Librarian

The GBF library continues to grow its impressive collection of DVDs,  books and back issues of California Fly Fisher. Be sure to check our our library at the next meeting, located at the back of the room.

Our Library is open only to GBF Members.  All Books and Videos have been assigned a library number. Duplicates are for sale at our general meetings, and some seldom-checked out books are given away free.

To check out a Book or Video, bring it to the Librarian, who will check your GBF membership status, pull the library card for that item, and log your name and date checked out.  You may check out up to 2 items until the next general meeting.  We depend on the members to keep all Books and videos in circulation.  When you return the material, your name will be scratched off the library card.

No new material may be checked out until you return what you have outstanding.

Happy Reading + Viewing!
Gary Gale – GBF Librarian

New Items
The Library recently acquired 3 fly fishing DVDs that are worth watching.

1. “Wet Fly Ways with Davy Wotton” is a 2 hour introduction to traditional wet fly fishing. It demonstrates, among other things, different presentation techniques, when to use a floating or intermediate fly line, how to configure the flies on your line and how to tie special knots. All this and they catch some nice fish, too!

2. “Chuck Echer’s October Caddis (using a Paraloop “V” Hackle Technique)” is a non-commercial video created by a local fly fisherman from Pollock Pines.This video provides a brief history of tying caddis flies before demonstrating how to tie the fly and what materials work best.

3. Bass Blast – Vol. 1 is a fairly short 49 minute video that focuses on targeting largemouth bass in shallow water habitat, whether by stalking along the shore or using a pram. More fish are caught – per minute – on this video than the previous two videos combined.

GBF Library
Ref # Category
000 – 199 Reference Books
200 – 399 Advice from the Experts
400 – 599 Fly Tying
600 – 799 Destinations
800 – 999 Fishing Stories
01V – 99V VHS Videos
01D – 99D DVD Videos
Titles By Category

00 – 199   Reference Books             

Title Author / Publisher

Fishing Encyclopedia

McClane`s Standard


The Complete Book of Modern Fly Fishing

Soloman, Larry


Trout Fisherman’s Digest

Richey, David


The Complete Brown Trout

Heacox, Cecil


Trout an Illustrated History

Prosek, James


Trout Fishing

Outdoor Life


Fly Fishing

Outdoor Life


Game Fish of North America

McClane, A.J.


Native Trout of North America

Smith, Robert

10 Fly Fishing Structure Newman, Bob
12 Hooked on Flies Black, William
13 Fish Flies Vol. 1 Hellekson, Terry
14 Fish Flies Vol. 2 Hellekson, Terry
15 Favorite Files and their Histories Marbury, Mary
17 Illustrated Dictionary of Trout Flies Roberts, John
18 Flies for Trout Stewart, Dick
19 Flies the best One Thousand Stetzer, Randle
22 Blue Chip Flies Black, William

Nymph Fishing-Rivers & Steams

24 Aquatic Insects and their Imitations Hafele, Rick
25 The Complete Book of Western Hatches Hafele, Rick
26 Hatch Guide for Western Streams Hughes, Dave
27 Western Streamside Guide Hughes, Dave
28 New Streamside Guide Flick, Art
29 Handbook of Hatches Hughes, Dave
30 Hatch Guide for Lakes Schollmeyer, Jim
31 Matching the Hatch Schwiebert, Ernest
32 The Angler’s Fly Identifier Simpson, Stephen
36 Mayflies the Angler the Trout Arbona, Fred
38 Ephemeras – Mayflies Gaidy, Charles
39 The Atlantic Salmon Wulff, Lee
40 Flies for Atlantic Salmon Stewart, Dick
42 The Saltwater Fisherman’s Bible Bauer, Erwin
43 Flyfishing Inflatables Meyer, Deke
44 Practical Fishing Knots Kren+Sosin
45 The Complete Book of Knots Budworth, Geoffrey
46 The Freshwater Angler’s Clinic Scharp, Hal
48 Streamers and Bucktails Bates, Joseph
49 North American Game Fishing Buckland, John
51 The Trout Fisherman’s Bible Holland, Dan
52 Trout of the World    Prosek, James

200 – 399  Advice from the Experts           

Title Author / Publisher
201 American Masters Part One Skills Kreh, Lefty
202 American Masters Part Two Tackle Kreh, Lefty
203 American Masters Part Three the Life Kreh, Lefty
204 The Practical Book of Trout Fishing Waterman, Charles
205 Trout Strategies Schwiebert, Ernest
206 Beyond Trout a Fly Fishing Guide Reynolds, Barry
210 Selective Trout Swisher, Doug
211 Trout Bergman, R.
212 Fly Fishing Stillwaters for Trophy Trout Rickards, Denny
213 Fly Fishing for Rainbows Gerlach, Rex
214 Tactics for Trout Huges, Dave
215 Larger Trout for the Western Fly Fisherman Brooks, Charles E.
217 How to Fish from Top to Bottom Gordon, Sid
218 Lefty’s Little Tips Kreh, Lefty
219 Fly Fishing Techniques and Tactics Kreh, Lefty
220 Fly Fishing: Simple to Sophisticated Kyte, Al
221 The Practical Fly Fisherman McClane, A.J.
222 Essential Fly Fishing Meade, Tom
223 Night Fishing for Trout Bashline, James L.
225 Fly Fishing Wisdom from the Masters Ghost+Deceiver
226 How to find Fish and make them Strike Outdoor Life
227 Fishing with McClane McClane, A.J.
228 Through the Fish’s Eye Sosin, Mark
231 Reading the Water Hughes, Dave
232 In the Ring of the Rise Marinaro, Vincent
233 Flies in the Water, Fish in the Air Arnosky, Jim
234 Northwest Fly Fishing Shewey, John
237 The Skillful Tuber Alley, Robert
238 Fly Fishing with Children Brunquell, Philip
239 Fly Fishing from a Woman’s Perspective Wulff, Joan
240 First Cast Genova, Phil
241 The Art and Science of Fly Fishing Dick, Lenox
242 The Treasury of Angling Koller, Larry
243 Terrestrial Fishing Koch, Ed
244 The Essence of Flycasting Krieger, Mel
245 Slack Line Strategies for Fly Fishing Judy, John
246 Greased Line Fishing for Salmon Scott, Jock
248 Steelhead Savvy Bedford, Jim
250 Steelhead Dreams Supinski, Matt
251 Atlantic Salmon Flies and Fishing Bates, Joseph
252 Atlantic Salmon Fishing Bashline, James L.
256 The Orvis Guide to Saltwater Fly Fishing Curcione, Nick
257 Saltwater Fly Fishing Magic Rogers, Neal+Linda
258 Saltwater Game Fishing Goadby, Peter
259 Secret Fresh and Saltwater Fishing Tricks Herter+Herter
260 Speycasting Falkus, Hugh
261 Speyfishing Maxwell, Mike
262 Bonefishing with a Fly Kaufmann, Rondall
263 Complete Book of Bass Fishing Gresham, Grits
265 Modern Western Bass Fishing Garrison, Chuck
266 Bass Myths Exploded Gibbs, Jerry
268 Bass Catching Secrets Martin, Roland
270 Fly Fishing for Bass Handbook Whitlock, Dave
271 The Trophy Striper Daignault, Frank
272 Bonefish, Permit and Tarpon Kreh, Lefty
273 Modern Fly Casting Method Kreh, Lefty
274 Dolphin the Perfect Gamefish Sharpe, Jim
275 Black Bass and the Fly Rod Waterman, Charles
276 Bass Fishing Fundamentals Schultz, Ken


Smallmouth Bass Handbook of StrategiesSOLD

Al Lindner, Dave Canda, Bob Ripley

278 Advanced Bass Fishing Weiss, John
279 Striper Moon Abrames, Kenney J.
280 The Sunfishes Ellis, Jack
281 Stripers and Streamers Bondorew, Ray
282 How to Fish with Jigs Gee+Sias
283 Advanced Custom Rod Building Clemens, Dale
284 Do It Yourself Rod Building Stinson, Bill
285 Fiberglass Rod Making Clemens, Dale
286 The Care and Repair of Fishing Tackle Marshall, Mel
287 Spinners Nemes, Sylvester
288 The Perfect Fishing Trip Baughman, Mike
289 The Trout and the Fly Clarke, Brain
292 How to Take Trout on Wet Flies + Nymphs Ovington, Ray
293 A Fly Fisher`s Guide to Saltwater Naturals Roberts, George
294 Pike on the Fly Reynolds, Barry
295 Fishing the Dry Fly Wilson, Dermot
296 Fishing Dry Flies for Trout Lee, Art
297 Fishing the Dry Fly as a Living Insect Wright, Leonard
298 Lee Wulff of Flies Wulff, Lee
299 Dry Line Steelhead McMillan, Bill
300 The Orvis Guide to Outdoor Photography Pfeiffer, Boyed
301 Fly Fishing Bass Basics Pfeiffer, Boyed
302 Fly Fishing Afoot in the Surf Zone Hanley, Ken
303 Fly Fishing Small Streams Gierach, John
304 Longer Fly Casting Kreh, Lefty
306 Swimming Flies Odler, Georges
308 Fly Fishing Strategy Doug Swisher
309 Steelhead Flyfishing and Flies Trey Combs
310 Flyfishing the Pacific Inshore Ken Hanley
311 The Orvis Guide to Prospecting for Trout Tom Rosenbauer
312 Fish Food – A Flyfisher’s Guide to Bugs and Bait Ralph Cutter

400 – 599  Fly Tying             

Title Author / Publisher
400 The Complete Book of Fly Tying Leiser, Eric
401 The Basic Manual of Fly Tying Fling, Paul
402 The Fly – Tyers Almanac Boyle, Robert
403 The Second Fly – Tyers Almanac Boyle, Robert
404 Guide to Fly – Tying Deane, Peter
405 Tying Better Flies Scheck, Art
406 Western Trout Fly Tying Manual Vol. 2 Dennis, Jack
407 Mastering the Art of Fly – Tying Talleur, Richard
408 Flytyers Masterclass Edwards, Oliver
409 Master Fly – Tying Guide Flick, Art
410 Creative Fly – Tying and Fishing Gerlach, Rex
411 The Art of Fly – Tying Hunter, T.
412 Tying Nymphs by Randall Kaufmann Kaufmann, Randall
413 Fly – Tyer’s Color Guide Caicco, Al
414 Modern Fly – Tying Materials Talleur, Dick
415 Modern Fly Dressings for the Practical Angler Jorgensen, Poul
416 Fly – Dressing Materials Veniard, John
417 Fly – Tying Materials Leiser, Eric
419 Fly – Tying with Synthetics Camera, Phil
420 American Nymph Fly – Tying Manual Kaufmann, Randall
422 The Masters on the Nymph Migel, Michael
423 Nymph – Tying + Fishing Tullis, Larry
424 Stoneflies for the Angler Leiser, Eric
425 The Caddis and the Angler Leiser, Eric
426 Tricos Fly – Tying Miller, Bob
428 Flies for Fish and Fisherman Shaw, Helen
429 Selective Trout Swisher, Doug
430 How to Tie Freshwater Flies Bay, Kenneth
432 Successful Fly Tying Befus, Brad
433 The Art of the Trout Fly Dunham, Judith
435 Designing Trout Flies Borger, Gary
436 Steelhead Fly – Tying Guide Helvie, Kent
437 Dressing Flies for Fresh + Saltwater Jorgensen, Poul
438 Salmon Flies Jorgensen, Poul
439 How to Dress Salmon Flies Pryce + Tannet
440 The Atlantic Salmon Fly Dunham, Judith
441 Modern Atlantic Salmon Flies Marriner, Paul
442 Saltwater Fly – Tying Wentink, Frank
443 Fly – Tying and Fly Fishing for Bass + Panfish Keith, Tom
444 Flies for Bass + Panfish Stewart + Allen
445 Bass Flies Stewart, Dick
446 Bug Making Pfeiffer, Boyd
447 Tying Bugs and Flies for Bass Livingston, A. D.
448 Pro Fly – Tying, Spinning + Tackle Making Herter, George
449 Tackle Craft Pfeiffer, Boyd
450 How to Make Your Own Lures + Flies Marshall, Mel
451 Wet Flies Hughes, Dave
455 Fishing the Midge Koch, Ed
456 Fly Patterns of Umpqua Merchants Kaufmann, Randall
457 The Book of Fly Patterns Leiser, Eric
458 Fly Patterns of Roderick Haig – Brown Lingren, Arthur
459 Inshore Fly Fishing Tabory, Lou
460 The Art of Tying the Dry Fly Morris, Skip
461 Flies for Alaska Route, Anthony
462 Expert Fly – Tying Fling + Puterbaugh
463 Flies of the Northwest Roskelley, Fenton
464 Fly Tying Problems and their Answers Veniard, John
465 Tying and Fishing the Fuzzy Nymphs Rosborough, Polly

600 – 799 Destinations        

Title Author / Publisher
600 America’s 100 Best Trout Streams Ross, John
601 Trout Fishing in California Kovach, Ron
602 California Trout Freeman, Jim
603 California Blue Ribbon Trout Streams Sunderland, Bill
604 Guide to Fly Fishing Northern California Hanley, Ken
605 Sierra Trout Guide Cutter, Ralph
606 Fly Fishing the Tahoe Region Haggard, Stephen
607 Fly Fishing Southern California’s Lakes + Streams Bean, Richard
609 Shasta’s Headwaters Ballenger, Craig
610 Fly Rodding the Coast Mitchell, Ed
611 Guide to Fly Fishing Pyramid Lake Barron, Terry
612 The Baja Catch Kelly + Kira
613 Fly Fishing for Pacific Salmon Ferguson, Bruce
614 Western Fly Fishing Vacations Reynolds, Nanci + Kirk
615 A Fisherman’s Guide to Central Oregon Campagna, Clain
616 Flyfisher’s Guide to Oregon Hubber, John
617 Fly Fishing the Olympic Peninsula Rosa, Doug
618 Baja, California Miller, Tom
619 Baja on the Fly Curcione, Nick
620 Fly Fishing Alaska Mihara, Sam
621 Flyfisher’s Guide to Idaho Retallic + Barker
622 Nevada Angler’s Guide Dickerson, Richard
623 The Yellowstone Fly – Fishing Guide Mathews, Craig
624 Fly Patterns of Yellowstone Mathews, Craig
625 Yellowstone Fishes Varley, John
626 The Montana Angling Guide Fothergill, Chuck
627 Silver Creek – Idaho Clark + Glasscock
628 Fly Fishing the Colorado River Marlowe, Al
629 The Henry’s Fork – Idaho Brooks, Charles
630 The Battenkill – New York Merwin, John
631 Fishing the Delaware Valley Ingram, George
632 West of Key West Cole + Pollard
633 Trout Fishing in the Shenandoah National Park Murry, Harry
634 The Living River – The Madison Brooks, Charles
635 Fishing the Headwaters of the Missouri Strung, Norman
636 Fishing in Oregon’s Deschutes River Richmond, Scott
637 Fly Fishing the San Juan – New Mexico Rizuto + Stoddard
638 Utah’s Green River (not in inventory?) Breer, Dennis
639 Fishing in Northern California Albert, Ken
640 The Wyoming Angling Guide Fothergill + Sterling
641 Fly Fishing California’s North Yuba River Klingelhofer, Ed
642 Fly Fishing the Sierra Nevada  Sunderland, Bill
643 The Colorado Angling Guide  Fothergill + Sterling
644 Fishing in Northern California Ken Albert

800 – 999 Fishing Stories              

Title Author / Publisher
800 The Greatest Fishing Stories Ever Told The Lyons Press
801 The Best of Zane Grey, Outdoorsman Reiger, Grey
802 Catskill Rivers Francis, Austin
804 An Outdoor Journal Carter, Jimmy
805 The Armchair Angler Brykczynski, Terry
806 The Philosophical Fisherman Blaisdell, Harold
807 Faithful Travelers Dodson, James
808 River Music Babb, James
809 The River Why Duncan, David
810 The River Never Sleeps Haig – Brown, Roderick
811 Return to the River Haig – Brown, Roderick
812 A River Runs Through It Maclean, Norman
813 Waters Swift and Still Woods, Craig
814 Home Waters – Fishing with an old friend Monninger, Joseph
815 Home Waters – A Fly Fishing Anthology Soucie, Gary
816 Steelhead Waters Arnold, Bob
817 My Story as Told by Water Duncan, David
818 Big Indian Creek Hughes, Dave
819 Indian Fishing Stewart, Hilary
820 Cadillac Desert Reisner, Marc
821 Fly Fishing Heresies Wright, Leonard
822 The Best of Ed Zern Zern, Ed
823 The Fisherman’s Guide to Life Freeman, Criswell
824 The Fisherman’s Guide to the Meaning of Life Kaminsky, Peter
825 The Ultimate Fishing Book Norman, Geoffrey
826 Never Sniff a Gift Fish McManus, Patrick
827 Pursuing Wild Trout Madgic, Bob
828 McClane’s Angling World McClane, A. J.
829 Being, Nothingness, and Fly Fishing Checchio, Michael
830 The Longest Silence McGuane, Thomas
831 The Well – Tempered Angler Gingrich, Arnold
832 Trout Bum Gierach, John
834 Fly Fishing Small Streams Gierach, John
835 Dances with Trout Gierach, John
844 Totem Salmon House, Freeman
845 Knee Deep in Montana’s Trout Streams Holt, John
846 Lessons of Fairsized Creek Huber, John
848 Incredible Fishing Stories Morey, Shaun
849 The Gift of Trout Leeson, Ted
850 My Secret Fishing Life Lyons, Nick
851 Treasury of Trout Fishing Wright, Leonard
852 Trout Magic Traver, Robert
854 Treasury of Fly Fishing Paugh, Tom
855 Hooked Peters, George
856 Fear of Fly Fishing Ohman, Jack
857 The Way of the Trout Montgomery, M. R.
858 On the Spine of Time Middleton, Harry
859 A Different Angle Morris, Holey
860 Crimes of Passion Norman, Seth
861 Fisherman’s Laugh Book Scott, Lloyd
862 Fish Fights Rich, Bob
863 An Anglers Album – Photography + Literature Traub, Charles
864 The Lost Lore of a Man’s Life Boyles, Denis
865 Shadow of the Salmon Taylor, C.
866 Anatomy of a Fisherman Traver, Robert
867 Fly Fishing Through the Midlife Crisis Raines, Howell
868 Trout Country Saile, Bob
869 I Don’t Know Why, But I Swallowed the Fly Maxweld, Fessica
870 The Angler’s book of Daily Inspiration Nelson, Kevin
871 Batfishing in the Rainforest White, Randy
872 The Earth is Enough Middleton, Harry
873 Billy Watson’s Croker Sack Burroughs, Franklin
874 Where the Pools are Bright and Deep Lamb, Dana S.
875 The Year of the Angler Raymond, Steve
876 Sex, Death and Flytying John Giergach
877 Home Waters Gary Soucie

 00V – 99V  VHS             

Title Author / Publisher

Beginnings – An Introduction to Flyfishing


Fly Fishing Video Magazine


The Way of the Trout


Catch and Release


Fly Fishing Success, The Fundamentals


Wading Safety


Fishing the Dry Fly


Trouting Tactics for Panfish


The Traveling Fly Fisherman


Advanced Strategies for Selective Trout


The Essence of Flycasting 2


Hooked on Fly Fishing, Beyond the Basics


Minipi Trout


Washington’s Secret Monster Trout


United Anglers 1996 National TV Mini Series


Earth Trust Driftnet Expedition


Dave Whitlock GBF Club Demo

Dave Whitlock


Bow River


Silver Creek


The River that Never Was


New Zealand Parks and Coast


Pybus Point Lodge – Alaska


Fishing Alaska


The Alagwak Lodge


Conclave 1992 Master Fly Tyers Vol. 1


Conclave 1992 Master Fly Tyers Vol. 2


Jack Dennis Fly Tying Seminar


Tying Flies with Jack Dennis Vol. 1

Jack Dennis


Tying Flies with Jack Dennis Vol. 2

Jack Dennis


Understanding Fly Tying Materials


Tying and Fishing Attractors


Tying Western Dry Flies


Woven Flies with Arrick Swanson

Arrick Swanson


Fly Tying Bass Flies


Tying Hatch Simulator Flies for Selective Trout


Tying Saltwater Flies with Jimmy Nix

Jimmy Nix


Fly Fishing for Trophy Steelhead


Tying Cripples and Spinners


Tying Bass Flies with Jimmy Nix

Jimmy Nix


Tying Saltwater Flies with Jimmy Nix  Vol. 2

Jimmy Nix


Fishing Damsels and Dragons


Designing Flies with Hair Hackles


Designing Flies with Stiff Hackles


Designing Flies with Soft Hackles


Designing Flies with Fur Dubbing


Designing Flies with Feather Dubbing


Tying and Fishing Caddisflies


Fly Fishing Magic


Fishing Crustaceans and Snails


Tying Jack Dennis’ Newest Patterns

Jack Dennis

Fly Fishing Success – Dry Fly Strategy


Fly Fishing Success – Nymphing Strategy

 00D – 99D  DVD             

Title Author / Publisher



Introduction to Fly Casting


Fish Passage Success Stories


Bugs for Beginners


Fishing Knots for Fresh and Saltwater


Tying and Fishing the Dave Whitlock Originals vol.5


Basic Fly Tying with Marvin Nolte (2 DVD set)


Stillwater Fly Fishing with Brian Chan


Panfish & Bass Fly Fishing Basics with Larry Dahlberg

Dahlberg, Larry


Tying Bass Flies with Jimmy Nix

Nix, Jimmy


The Underwater World of Trout “Discovery”

Wendell “Ozzie” Ozefovich


The Underwater World of Trout “Feeding Lies”

Wendell “Ozzie” Ozefovich


The Endless Hatch One

Dave Gourley


The Endless Hatch Two

Dave Gourley


Flies for Sea Run Cutthroat Trout

Skip Morris


Dynamics of Fly Casting

Joan Wulff


The Fly Tying Techniques

Bob Clouser & Lefty Kreh


Fly Fishing Yellowstone Hatches

Craig Mathews & John Juracek


Streamer Fishing for Trophy Trout

Kelly Galloup


Nymph Fishing With Rick Hafele

Rick Hafele


Authentic Western Fly Fishing Experience


Fly Fishing in Yellowstone


Improving Your Fly Casting The Cabela’s Way



Improving Your Fly Fishing



Improving Your Fly Fishing with Jack Dennis

Jack Dennis


Improving Your Fly Fishing with Jack Dennis

Jack Dennis


Endangered Species – Cal. Fish & Game Wardens


Strippin’ for Stripers

Howard, Dave


Strippin’ for Stripers

Howard, Dave


Bugs of the Underworld

Cutter, Ralph & Lisa


Fly Fishing Stillwaters for Trophy Trout

Rickards, Denny


Advanced Techniques for Fly Fishing Stillwaters

Rickards, Denny


Stillwater Presentations

Rickards, Denny


Tying Stillwater Patterns for Trophy Trout, vol.1

Rickards, Denny


Spey Fishing Steelhead with John Hazel

Hazel, John


Fish Eye – Season of the Mayfly, Issue 2


Spey Fishing Steelhead with John Hazel

Hazel, John


Introduction To Spey Casting

Hazel, John


Fly Fishing Basics

Tim Singewald


Rivers of a Lost Coast

Coupe, Justin


Basic Fly Casting

Swisher, Doug

Beginnings: An Introduction to Flyfishing

Krieger, Mel

BASS: The Movie

Howard, Jamie


Fly Fishing Stillwater Secrets

Brian Chan, Jack Dennis, Phil Rowley


Crowley Lake University

Rianda, Kent


Stillwater Trout Angler

John Horsry


Stillwater Fly Fishing

Simon Gawesworth, Brian Chan,

Skip Morris, Denny Rickards


Lessons with Lefty: A teaching guide for fly casting

Kreh, Lefty


Tying Shad Flies


Designing Flies with Soft Hackles

Gary & Jason Borger

Designing Flies with Fur Dubbing

Gary & Jason Borger

Designing Flies with Feather Dubbing

Gary & Jason Borger

Tying and Fishing Caddisflies

Jack Dennis & Gary LaFontaine
54D Tube Flies for Steelhead Rick Kustich
55D Wet Fly Tying with Davy Wotton (2 DVD set) Davy Wotton
56D Don’t Move a Mussel (Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission)