Bill Carnazzo 

Moving tributes to Bill from his son and daughter:

The Fisherman I Knew
      by Dominic Carnazzo

Life Lessons from a Fly Fisherman’s Daughter
      by Regina Christine Carnazzo Dvorak

January 16, 2013:  GBF co-founder and Past President Bill Carnazzo suffered a massive stroke and passed away this week.  Bill was a master fly tyer, conservationist and renowned fly fishing guide and educator on N. California trout streams. He was a tremendous human being and will be sorely missed.  Our condolences are with Bill’s family.

Below Bill proudly displays his 2008 NCCFFF Fly Tyer of the Year Award.

And, as Bill would often say:

Enjoy, and see ya on the creek . . . ! ! !

NCCFFF Fly Tyer of the Year - 2008

Bill Carnazzo

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Since Bill left us with a wealth of fly patterns in the Fly Pattern Archives, we will continue to offer them as the Fly of the Month pattern, selecting an appropriate pattern for the time of year.

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Bill short-line nymphing the N. Yuba