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Kim Lloyd – President

I started chasing trout on west slope Sierra streams while attending Chico State, circa 1975-1978. Countless crickets sacrificed themselves in this pursuit. Joining the club in 2008 helped me to learn about fly fishing and preserve the cricket population. However, the learning curve was virtually non-existent until I took advantage of the club’s many fish-outs and clinics. The resources offered by the club – including clinics, fish-outs, conservation meetings, monthly speakers and publication of the Leader – cannot be matched. My objective as a Board member is to do what needs to be done so that the club can help others as it has helped me.

Don Whitecar– VP Membership

I joined GBF in 2013, and continue to enjoy fly fishing and also serving the club in various roles, including co-webmaster and annual dinner silent auction collections.  I’m now back as VP Membership to help the club launch the new membership and event management software to our members.  Over the next year, I look forward to supporting our membership, welcoming new members, and continuing to fly fish.

  Jim Monical – VP Conservation

Hello, my name is Jim Monical.  Grew up in Sacramento, then lived in Southern California, then moved back to Sacramento.  I graduated with a BA in biology from Cal State University Sacramento and then attended San Diego University.  I graduated with a Masters degree in Biology with a concentration in marine ecology.  I was a malacologist while at San Diego State University.  I monitored the growth of the purple hinged rock scallop (Hinnites multirugosus gale) in Mission Bay and the ocean.  I had to sacrifice the scallops I was growing to take measurements for my thesis and had a great party at the end doing taste tests on the critters.  I was able to get several jobs in the field of biology after graduating.  I was a research diver through college and my biology jobs.  One of the biology jobs I had was to monitor the kelp (Macrocystis pyrifera) population off of the San Onofre nuclear power plant.  Purpose of the study was to determine the effects of the outflow from the nuclear plant on the surrounding kelp.  I stopped glowing in the dark 6 years ago.  Switched over to computer programming because jobs in biology were scarce and low paying.  I worked for several companies as a programmer, business analyst, and project manager in the IT departments.  I retired as a contractor.

I have been fishing in fresh and salt water all my life.  I primarily used conventional gear and then made the switch to fly fishing a couple of years ago.  I am a catch and keeper because I do enjoy eating the fish (Have quite a few good recipes).  But I am also an advocate of catch and release of fresh water wild fish.  I live in Rancho Murieta and have access to 5 lakes full of bass and bluegill where we practice catch and release.

Chris Kight – Treasurer

Finding Granite Bay Flycasters and dipping my toe into the Flyfishing world in late 2018, I found a passion for flycasting. After taking advantage of the Club resources to build a rod, I built a net, learned to tie flies, learned to cast and learned to fish Tenkara.  I’ve been out 50 or 60 times in each of the last three years and caught fish most times – (sometimes a great many fish). I’ve enjoyed everything from small stream Tenkara to lake fishing in a float tube and epic guided fly trips on big rivers up north. I’m thrilled by fly fishing every time I get out. It invigorates me like nothing else. You’ll enjoy this sport and the members of this wonderful club are here to make fly fishing easy to approach, affordable and enjoyable. We really do care that our members have fun and enjoy the adventure.

Don Harris – Secretary

After 40 years in the analytical instrument industry, I retired in March 2017. We moved from San Ramon to EDH in 2018 to be closer to family. I enjoy the outdoors, hiking, backpacking and fly fishing in California with the occasional trip to the Pacific Northwest. I joined GBF in February 2019 shortly after we moved to EDH. What an outstanding club. I continue to be amazed at the organization, depth of talent within the club and the dedication of the members to share their knowledge of fly fishing along with the genuine friendliness extended to all who join. I look forward to contributing to the club in the future as a member and board member.


Victor “Vic” Maiello – Director thru 2024

I was introduced to fly fishing over 50 years ago, and throughout that time I would fish in the high Sierra streams while enjoying nature whenever I could. I didn’t realize how much I still had to learn until I joined GBF. Through clinics, guest speakers, and mentors I continue to increase my knowledge and improve my techniques. The camaraderie when on fishouts with GBF are my most memorable experiences in my journey to enjoy nature, preserve it, and catch a few fish while doing so. I am also a lifetime member of Trout Unlimited.

Drake Johnson – Director thru 2024

I started out fly fishing in the early 1990’s on a backpacking trip with my young son using a Fenwick backpacking rod and a Pflueger reel with a mismatched floating line.  Moving ahead to the late 1990’s, my wife and I moved to Roseville. I learned about the club from GBF co-founder Terry Eggleston, a manager at a local sporting goods store. So like many of you, I went to a meeting, became a member and started my real fly fishing journey. From the beginning, the mentorship philosophy of the club and its members quickly hooked me on fly fishing. The clinics expanded my knowledge and skill in casting, fly tying, and fishing techniques’ like short-line nymphing. The camaraderie of the fishouts was just what I was looking for in a club.As a board member, I want to continue the stewardship of the club’s environmental pursuits, and the philosophy of mentorship to new members.

Mike Churchill – Director thru 2025

A life-long Californian, I grew up spin fishing for trout, catfish, and bluegill in any body of water I could get my parents to let me near. I took up fly fishing seriously in 1999, when I moved from San Diego to San Jose and joined the San Jose Flycasters. I learned to cast and catch fish on flies by attending every club outing I could, following people around and asking lots of questions. Having benefitted greatly from those experiences, I do my best to pay it forward to those less experienced than I am now. I moved to Sacramento in 2005 and joined CFFU, then later spent a year with the Salinas Valley Fly Fishers while working in Monterey County. A medical condition ended my legal career too soon and curtailed my outdoor activities for several years. When I decided to start fishing again in 2019, I joined GBF in search of new fishing partners. That goal achieved, I am greatly enjoying chasing trout, Stripers, pan fish, and bass of every kind as often as I can.

David Jones – Director thru 2025

I had fly fished for 30 years before moving to California in 2008. After getting here I realized I knew nothing about “how or where it was done” in CA. To overcome my knowledge deficit I immediately joined GBF. It was the best fishing decision I have ever made. Through the club and its members, I had access to over a million years of fly fishing experience (only a slight exaggeration). The club has afforded me an incredible opportunity to learn the craft in-depth. I am honored to serve on the Board and give back a little of what I have received.

Mike McKinley – Director thru 2026

I was exposed to fishing (bait caster reel and salmon eggs)  as an 8 yr old in Colo.  Later I picked up fly fishing in 1976.  I quickly learned that bass and bluegill liked bigger flies than trout; since they were more abundant and easier than trout in Redding, I focused on warmwater.   I have worked in the BSA scouting program to introduce kids to fly fishing.  I have also fished the salt for rockfish, dorado and tuna.  Our club’s fishouts in March, April and May are great opportunities to get acquainted with bass and bluegill.

Scott Vaughn – Director thru 2026

My main interests are Stillwater fishing for warm water species. I prefer to fish from a float tube and enjoy being on the water and training others. My biggest joy is watching others catch fish.

Chris Anthon – Director thru 2024

I received my first fishing pole from my grandparents at the age of 5, when grandpa and I could go “fitchin” on the Berkley Pier. I spent many days growing up on our lake catching bass and perfecting my skills. It wasn’t until I was 11 that I was given my first bamboo fly rod from my grandfather. My summers were spent camping, along various bodies of water, throughout the Sierras. Today one of my favorite fishing buddies is my youngest brother, Dan. We took on Flyfishing at the same time and he has made a life out of it! In our growth and desire of learning more, we sought knowledge and were introduced to Andy Puyans of Creative Sports. While family were highly supportive and influential in our love of the outdoors, Andy taught us how to tie, how to cast, how to read the water, and how to respect the environment. Dan is now a fulltime guide in Central Oregon.

I have been a member of Diablo Valley Fly Fishers, Tahoe Truckee Fly Fishers, Fly Fishers of Davis, Alameda Rod & Gun Club and now a member of Granite Bay Fly Casters. I am a member of Trout Unlimited as well as CalTrout.

Throughout my career in technology, I have traveled extensively and attempt to bring a rod with me on every trip. As life in Technology slows down for me, I am an employee of Orvis – working in the store and traveling with their goods demonstrating the latest and greatest they have to offer. Being an employee of Orvis, I interact with the novice to the seasoned flyfisher and provide product, knowledge and experience. I love referring people I meet on outings and in the store to join GBFC as I feel it is a great community to be involved and further experience the sport. I have to thank my neighbors and GBFC members Lloyd Gillespie and Art Hawkins, for encouraging me to join GBFC!

My objective as a member of the board is to do whatever needs to be done, assist where help is needed, and share what I can, so that the club can continue to grow and positively welcome others to the sport.

Dave Shafer– Director thru 2024

Bio to follow.

Committee Chairs, Project Leads, and Volunteers

Any of the members below can be reached by emailing:

Annual Dinner Dale Spear, with volunteer committee
Casting Instruction John Hogg, Rick Radoff, Trevor Segelke
Classroom Egg Program Frank Stolten & volunteers
Conservation Committee Jim Monical. Others ad hoc per meeting. All members welcomed.
Communications Joey Nizuk
Education (classes & clinics) Eric Palmer
Fishmaster – Rivers & Streams Tony Jelinek
Fishmaster – Stillwater Mike McKinley
Fly Tying Jim Holmes
Fly Tying Jam Jim Holmes/John Peterson
Gatekeeper/Facilities Henry Sandigo
Golden Trout Program Victor Maiello
Tenkara Project Lead John Pellegrin
Holiday potluck dinner TinaLyn Sell
ISE Expo Mike Bean
Leader Editor & Publisher Frank Stolten
Leader Layout Vivian Mevorah
Librarian Gary Gale
Merchandising Victor Maiello
Monthly Speaker Programs David Jones
Picnic Mike Churchill
Refreshments Monthly volunteers
Swap Meet & Chili Cook-off Drake Johnson
Webmasters Eric Palmer, Don Whitecar