Speaker Archives

Speakers and topics from past general meetings.

January – Dan Johnson, Trout Unlimited
February – DFW’s Heritage and Wild Trout Program
March – Mike Bean – Mike Bean Fishing, Guide
April – Joe Garza – JAG Flyfishing, Guide
May – James Garretson –About Trout, Guide
June –
July –
August –
September –
October –
November –
December – Holiday Potluck Banquet (no speaker)

January – Michael Pease – Fly Fishing the Lost Sierra
February – Terry Eggleston – GBF founding member – Entomology
March – Clay Hash  – Guide, Fly Fishing Traditions – Fishing the Lower Yuba
April – Andy Guibord- Guide, Kiene’s Fly Shop – Fishing Shad on the American R.
May – Eric Palmer, About Leaders and the Knots to Tie Them
June – Jason Thatcher, River Pursuit Guide Service
July – Tom Page, Reel Anglers Fly Shop in Grass Valley
August – Maury Hatch, First Hatch Guide Service
September – Luke Gerarty, Confluence Outfitters
October – Chris Kight, Small Streams, Small Fish
November – Dave Shafer – Guide
December – Holiday Potluck Banquet (no speaker)

January – Dana Hooper, Italy on the Fly
February – Ed Lloyd + Mike Bean (Guide)
March – Mitch Lockhart, District Fisheries Biologist,
California Department of Fish and Wildlife
April – Jim Haufler, Friends of Auburn Ravine
May – Mike Bean – Guide
June – Luke Gerarty – Lower Sac, Confluence Outfitters
July – Mike Churchill – Heritage Trout Challenge
August – Hogan Brown – Cast Hope
September – Luong Tam, Tenkara Rod Designer
October – Andrew Harris, Confluence Outfitters
November – Greg Vinci, Product developer, Author and Photographer
December – Holiday Potluck Banquet (no speaker)

January – Jeff Putnum, Jeff Putnum’s Fly Fishing Schools
February – Ryan Williams, Ryan Williams Guide Service
March – no speaker
April – Mike Bean, Guide
May – Greg Vinci – Guide and Author
June – Mike Pease, Mike Pease Adventures (Guide)
July – no speaker
August – Andy Guibord – Kiene’s – American River
September – Dana Hooper, President of Davis Fly Fishers
October –
November – Dennis Lee, Author – California Winter Steelhead
December – Tim Au Young, Kiene’s

January – Matt Heron, Matt Heron Fly Fishing
February – Ryan Williams, North Valley Fly Fishing
March – no meeting due to Covid
April – no meeting due to Covid
May – Gene Goss
June – no speaker
July – no speaker
August – no speaker
September  – open mic night
October – Gene Goss
November – Toby from Friends of the River
December – Scott Koper, Trout Creek Outfitters

January – Tom Simms travel slides
February – James Haufler – Auburn Ravine
March – Luong Tam – the Tenkara system
April – Chris King – the Lower Sacramento River with AC Flyfishing
May – Member’s Night
June – Sam Sedillo, Trout Unlimied
July – Andy Guibord, Kiene’s
August – Grady Garlough
September  – Mike Folden
October – Chris Leonard
November – Tom Simms
December –  Holiday Potluck Banquet (no speaker)

January – Jimmy Morales
February – Mike Pease – Mike Pease Adventures
March – Doug Ouellette – Reading Freestone Stream Waters
April – Jim Roberst – Advanced Nymphing Strategies
May – Member’s Night
June – Chris Leonard – Eastern Sierra Flyfishing
July – Dr. Andrew Kinziger – Fisheries Biology program at Humboldt State University
August – Lance Gray – Streamer Flyfishing
September  – Brian Slusser – Truckee River Flyfishing
October – Dan LeCount – Seasons of the Truckee River & Tributaries
November – Art Hawkins – A “bucket list” fly fishing trip to Patagonia
December –  Holiday Potluck Banquet (no speaker)

January – Matt Heron – Matt Heron Fly Fishing
February – Mike Lembke – Wollaston Lake Lodge
March – Tim Fox – Mr. Fox Outfitters
April – Clay Hash – Fly Fishing Traditions
May – Member’s Night
June – Phil White – Fish Habit Outfitters
July – Jordan Romney – Drift on the Fly
August – Katie Osborn – Bill Carnazzo Fellowship Award
September  – Jon Baiocchi – Baiocchi Troutfitters
October – Matt Heron – Matt Heron Fly Fishing
November – Phil White – Fish Habit Outfitters
December –  Holiday Potluck Banquet (no speaker)

January – Nick Fasiano, The Fly Shop
February – Craig Nielsen, Shasta Trout Guide Service
March – Ken Brunskill, Northern California Council of the Federation of Fly Fishers
April – David Lass, Trout Unlimited
May – Member’s Night
June – Blake Merwin, Gig Harbor Fly Shop
July – Jim Andras, Andras Outfitters
August – Jordan Romney, Challenges of Fishing Putah Creek
September  – Jimmy Morales, Fishing In & Around Yosemite
October – Henry Hoffman, Whiting Farms genetic feathers
November – Denis Peirce, Radio Personality and Outdoor Writer
December –  Holiday Potluck Banquet (no speaker)

January – Denny Rickards, Unraveling the Mysteries of Stillwater Fishing
February – Kara Tripp, Fish Camp
March – Lance Gray, Fly Fishing Northern California
April – Doug Ouellette,  Calvada Fly Fishing
May – Members Night
June – Scott Vaughn, High Sierra Fly Fishing
July – Jack Parker, Author
August – Tim Fox, Fly Selection for Northern California
September – Tina Bartlett, North Central Region Manager, CA Dept of Fish and Wildlife
October – Charlie Robinton, Large Mouth Bass in the Delta
November – Flatiron Lake Wyoming
December – Holiday Potluck Banquet (no speaker)

January – Dustin Decroo and Rich Sweeny, Flatiron Troutfitters, Wyoming Big Horn
February – Doug Ouellette,  Calvada
March – Steve Galletta,  Outfitter of Bighorn Angler Fly Shop & Lodge
April – Todd Leboeuf and Kurt Knollenberg, Indian Creek Lodge
May – Members Night
June – Kevin Mather with Trout Unlimited
July – Richard Anderson with California Fly Fisher Magazine
August – Greg Vinci, Writer & Photographer
September – Phil Detrich, President of The River Exchange
October – Mark Papazian, Western Waters Guide Service
November – Andy Guibord from Kiene’s Fly Shop
December – Holiday Potluck Banquet (no speaker)

January – Ken Helfrich Fishing the Rogue River
February – Larry Larson Saltwater Flyfishing in Alaska
March – Steve Korbay Czech Nymph Fishing
April – Robert Tamson Flyfishing South Texas
May – Members Night
June – Trent Pridemore Bass Flyfishing
July – John Pellegrin Tenkara Flyfishing
August – Tom Peirano, American River
September – Matt “Gilligan” Koles, Truckee River
October – Richard Dickerson, Nevada Angler’s Guide; Fish Tails In The Sagebrush
November – Phil Greenlee, International Federation of Fly Fishers
December – Holiday Potluck Banquet (no speaker)

January – Hogan Brown Trout Flies-Imitation to Creation
February – Jason Hartwick Calif. Northern Coast Steelhead
March – John Hyde Flyfishing the Williamson River
April – Lance & Kirsten Gray N. Calif. Flyfishing Tours
May – Members Night
June – Steve Potter & Ben Byng Delta Bass Flyfishing
July – Greg Vinci Eastern Sierra Flyfishing
August – Ron Nelson Hydropower Relicensing
September – Clay Hash Lower Yuba River
October – Chris Wharton, Nuts & Bolts of Successfully Flyfishing Stillwaters
November – Scott Dietrich works for the City of Roseville Open Space Department (Adopt-A-Creek Coordinator),  and Matt Parr, Big M Fishery
December – Holiday Potluck Banquet (no speaker)

January – Daniel Galhardo Tenkara Rods
February – Jerry Neuberger Largemouth Delta Bass
March – Scott Vaughn Sierra Flyfishing
April – Members Night
May – Lincoln Gray Lake Almanor Hexagenia
June – Frank Rinella, Clay Hash Scott  Lower Yuba Guides
July – Keith Kaneko 10 Essentials for Steelhead
August – Andy Guibord American River Stripers
September – Bill Carnazzo Upper American River
October – Frank Pisciotta Truckee Fly Fishing
November – Stephanie Mehalick Calif. Wild & Heritage Trout
December – Holiday Potluck Banquet (no speaker)

January – Terry Eggleston, Insects & Flies for Trout
February – David Taylor, Alaska’s Rainbow Heaven
March – Phil Fischer, Solving Puzzles
April – Members Night (no speaker)
May –  Hal Janssen, Stillwater Flyfishing
June – Matthew Peterson, Humboldt State University Trinity River Steelhead Life History 
July – Rick Radoff, New Zealand Flyfishing
August – Steve Godshall, Spey Rods & Lines
September – Members Night (no speaker)
October – Ken Hanley, Outdoor Photography
November – Ray Hutcherson, Chasing Sailfish
December – Holiday Potluck Banquet (no speaker)

January – Rickey Mitchell, Flyfishing from a Kayak
February – Gene Goss, Stillwater Equipment
March – Rick Fox, Tying Flies for N. Calif.
April – Members Night (no speaker)
May – Scott Lyons, Heritage Trout Challenge
June – Mark Rockwell, Northern Calif. Fishery & Water Conservation
July – Bill Carnazzo, Flyfishing the Upper American River
August – Steve Cooper, Owyhee River
September – Members Night (no speaker)
October – Dennis Lee, History of the American River Fishery
November – Cary Boyden, Chironomid and Other Bobber Fishing
December – Holiday Potluck Banquet (no speaker)

January – Andrew Harris, Confluence Outfitters  California Heritage Trout
February – Dennis Breer, Trout Creek Flies Green River, Utah
March – Al Smatsky, Central Valley Shad
April – Michael Caranci, Private Waters of N. Calif.
May – Members Night (no speaker)
June – Leo Gutterres, Tarpon on the Fly
July – Rick Radoff, Flyfishing New Zealand
August – Jeff Putnam, Flyfishing for Steelhead in the Pacific Northwest
September – Members Night
October – Tony Buzolich, Striped Bass Flyfishing in Northern California
November – Don Muelrath, Flyfishing Belize
December – Holiday Potluck Banquet

January – Rich Brown, Spring Creek Flyfishing in the West
February – Bobbie Foster, Wilderness First Aid
March –  Ron & Isaac English, Flyfishing Alaska’s Nushagak
April – Bill Carnazzo & Bill Templin, Flyfishing the Upper American River
May – Members’ Night (No Speaker)
June – Keith Kaneko, Angling on the Fly
July – Doug Duncan & Larry Takeuchi, Expert Spey Casters Distance Spey Casting
August – Nancy Siegler, Flyfishing Guide Henderson Springs
September – Don Muelrath, Stalking the Great Gamefish, James A. Swan Endangered Species –
October – Mike Costello, Flyfishing Guide – Delta Stripers
November –  Jim Jones, Outdoors Writer – Zambezi River
December – Holiday Potluck Banquet, (No Speaker)

January – Rusty Bogers Flatiron TroutFitters, Wyoming Backcountry Flyfishing
February – Dave Lentz California Dept. of Fish & Game Wild Heritage Trout
March – Trent Pridemore Zoologist, Private Lake Flyfishing
April – Ken Hanley, NCC/FFF Hall of Famer Stillwater & Saltwater Flyfishing
May – Members’ Night, (No Speaker)
June – Bill Templin, N. Fork American River Watershed Coordinator
July – Jeremy Gray, Flyfishing New Zealand’s South Island
August – Chip O’Brien, Former CalTrout Reg. Mgr Flyfishing Keswick Reservoir
September – Rick Radoff & Frank Stolten, GBF’s Classroom Aquarium Education Program
October – Frank Pisciotta, Flyfishing Guide Tahoe-Truckee Flyfishing
November – Steve Cooper, Bass fishing the Umpqua & Grand Ronde Rivers in Washington
December – Holiday Potluck Banquet, (No Speaker)

January – Chris Parsons, Guided Flyfishing N. Calif. Waters
February – Alan Fong, GPS for Fishing and Striper Flyfishing
March – Jay Fair, Eagle Fly FishingHand Tied Flies & Materials
April – Mark Rockwell, NCCFFF Water Network Central Valley Improvement Project
May – Members Night, (No Speaker)
June – Alex Giannini, Flyfishing Local Creeks
July – Robert Weygandt, Placer County Supervisor
August – Jim Victorine, Black Bass & Blue Gill Flyfishing
September – Bill Carnazzo, Flyfishing Labrador for Giant Brook Trout
October – Dan Blanton, Flyfishing Stripers at San Luis Res. & O’Neil Forebay
November – Mike Mercer, Flyfishing Patagonia & Mercer Fly Patterns
December – Holiday Potluck Banquet, (No Speaker)

January – Leo  H. Winternitz, Water Planning & Control in Sacramento
February – Will Blair, The Best of Kamchatka Alaska
March – Mike Kaul, Certified Casting Instructor
April – Jay Murakosh,i Flyfishing Baja
May – Members Night, (no speaker)
June – Rachael Connery, Northern Calif. Flyfishing
July – Steve Beck, Flyfishing Calif. Nat’l. Parks
August – Jim White, Wilderness Fly Fisherman
September – Bill Carnazzo & Denny Welch, Upper Sacramento River
October – Dawn Stuart, Aspen Ridge Ranch, Oregon
November – Art Hawkins, Fishing from Horseback
December – Holiday Potluck Banquet, (no speaker)

August – Dave Shafer ,N. Calif. Flyfishing
September – Bill Carnazzo, Fishing Pocket Water/Nymphing
October – Jeff Putnam, Certified Casting Instructor
November – Jim Jones Save the American River, High Sierra Pack Trip
December – Holiday Potluck Banquet, (no speaker)