The 'Fly Tyer's Corner' is a monthly column in The Leader that's produced by our own Bill Carnazzo - renowned Northern California fly fishing guide, flytyer, and instructor.  This page reproduces Bill's monthly fly recipes from The Leader, but more importantly, provides links to Bill's previously published recipes (including some of his own personal creations) and other patterns/recipes that may be of interest to club members.  What an incredible wealth of fly tying information!

And don't forget... the fly for our club's monthly fly tying contest is always the one featured in the previous month's 'Fly Tier's Corner' - as published here or in The Leader.   See contest details below.

2002 Monthly Patterns

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December:  Little Winter Stone Fly Dry

November Little Yellow Stone Fly

October Partridge and orange soft hackle

September Electric Caddis

August:  LaFontaine's Caddis Larva

July:  Beadhead Micro Mayfly

June:  Bird's Stonefly

May:  Green Rockworm

April:  Doug's Damsel

March:  Billywog

February:  CDC Emerging Midge

Monthly Fly Tying Contest

Sponsored by
American Fly Fishing Co.

At each monthly club meeting, a fly tying contest is held with winners receiving gift certificates generously donated by American Fly Fishing Co.  The pattern for each month's contest is always the one featured in the previous month's Fly Tyer's Corner - as published here or in The Leader.

To participate, just tie the fly, bring it to the meeting, and submit it for the contest before the meeting gets underway.  Important... flies will be judged against the exact pattern recipe and materials published in the monthly Fly Tyer's Corner, so don't use any other recipes or resources for your fly, and try to use the specified tying materials if at all possible.  

There are two contestant categories, Beginner and Experienced.  The winner of each category receives a gift certificate from American Fly Fishing Co.  You may only win the Beginner category twice before you must then enter the Experienced category.  See The Leader for more information on the contest, and have fun!

Thank you American Fly Fishing Co. for your support!

Fly Tier's Archive

Patterns from Previous Year (2001)

GBF Fly Patterns

This section will contain patterns designed by members of  Granite Bay Flycasters. Your input is requested. Please use the same format as the monthly pattern. We are currently in the process of updating our website, and hope to attach a photograph to each pattern.

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