Randy's "Belly Boat" Attractor Fly


Randy Siever’s “Belly Boat Flies” are tied in one of six different colors, including: (1) olive, (2) orange, (3) rust, (4) cinnamon, (5) black, or (6) burgundy. They have proven effective in fishing from a float tube, pram, or pontoon boat in stillwater.  This pattern has been effective for many years for both bass and trout.  It  may be used as the common weapon for the fishing survey GBF is testing for the Eldorado National Forest fishout September 28 at Gerle Creek Reservoir.  In preparation for this fishout, materials for these different colored flies will be provided by Bill King at the GBF Fly Tying Jam to be held at the Folsom Lake Activity Center on Tuesday, September 20, 2005 starting at 6:30PM.  Thanks to Bill King for the materials and Jim Holmes and Gene Goss for editing the tying instructions.  Click here to link to the Gerle Lake Fishout to learn more about how this fly can be used to aid the Eldorado National Forest's Fish Study.




Jay Fair’s Size 6 2XL;  Daiichi 1710


Black 6/0 or 8/0


Marabou in one of six colors (olive, orange, rust, cinnamon, black, burgundy)


Short Shuck (same color as tail)


Long Shuck (same color as tail)


Marabou (same color as tail)

Over-wing: Angel Hair



Tying Instructions

  1. If you have the standard barbed version of the hook,  the barb should be smashed  flat now.

  2. Optionally apply cement to the shaft of the hook and attach thread near the front of the hook and wrap forward, covering the shaft in one layer of thread to just above the point of the hook barb.

  3. The tail tie-in point is on the shaft just above the hook point. Tie in a 1/2" strip of Marabou Plume, using the mature section of the plume and not the tip of the plume - very important! The tail length is sized the length of the shank or a little longer.

  4. From the rear tie in the Body using the Short Shuck and wrap the rear 1/3 of the shank and tie off.

  5. For the Thorax tie in the Long Shuck and wrap to about 3/16" from the eye and tie off.

  6. Tie in the Wing in front of the thorax on top of the fly. Again, use 1/2" strip of Marabou Plume, not using the tip but the mature section of the plume. The wing length should extend to the tip of the tail.

  7. Using 7 strands of Angel Hair doubled over to make a total of 14 strands, tie in the Over-wing. The length should be trimmed even to the end of the tail.

  8. Whip finish a neat head. Optionally cement.

  9. No weight is needed; use sinking line of your choice.


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