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Tiemco or Targus 7999, size 1/0 or 2/0


Black 170 denier flat nylon


Orange, red, and purple marabou


Gold cone bead matched to hook size


Silver flashabou (sparse)

Alaska Popsicle




In preparing for my recent trip to Alaska to fish for Silver Salmon, I tied a lot of interesting patterns that were recommended by experienced anglers.  One in particular, recommended by Stan Hellekson, was the Alaska Popsicle.  The fly is so simple as to be amusing; but it is also so effective as to be astounding.  I have no idea what it is supposed to represent, except perhaps a cluster of eggs drifting in the current.  Still, the colors throw doubt on that theory.  To be sure, I used a number of patterns for the Silvers; however, the Alaska Popsicle stood out as the clear winner for tempting those wonderful fish into striking, notwithstanding the lowest water conditions in over 30 years.

Tying instructions:

  1. Slip the bead over the hook and up onto the area behind the eye. I found that I had to drill out the hole in the bead slightly in order to get it to slide over the doubled wire of the 7999 hook.

  2. At a point no farther back on the hook than 3/8 inch, tie in a large bunch of orange marabou, spreading it around the hook. 

  3. Immediately in front of that bunch, tie in a similar bunch of red marabou.

  4. Similarly, tie in a bunch of purple marabou just in front of the red. You should now be right up against the back of the cone bead.

  5. Tie in a sparse bunch of silver flashabou as a topping. It should extend slightly beyond the tips of the marabou.

  6. Whip finish behind the cone bead.


Use a non-slip monofilament knot to tie the fly onto the leader, cast it directly across the stream, mend, and swing the fly through the drift, and….


See ya on the creek….

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