The 2022 One-Fly Contest and Fishout will be
Saturday Mar 26 at Rancho Seco.

8:00 AM to 12:30, arrive early for rigging up your gear and check-in.

Organizer in Chief: Jim Degnan

With an assist from volunteers.

Griller in Chief: Jack Ramos (grilled sausage and peppers)

It’s not just the “One-Fly Contest” anymore, it’s a GBF Party/Picnic! The Spring Fling!

Come One, Come All to shake off the confines of 2021 and kick off a new fishing season with fun and food. A GBF free family event, no cost to you except to enter the park. You don’t have to compete in the “One-Fly Contest” to join us for a fine time.

Cheer on your favorite “One-Fly” contestant! Side bets are allowed. Bring your kids and dogs to camp on the grass at the group camp site. Cats if you want. Watch eagles, ospreys, mergansers, and cormorants out-fish our contestants. You may even spot a family of otters playing in the water. The beach is open for swimming or at least wading. Hike the local trails and see the swans and pelicans, a whole bunch of different small birds and all kinds of animals swinging into spring! It’s a beautiful park close to home.

What better place to practice the Seven Principals of “Leave No Trace”? We’ll have a reminder of those principals in the Topic on the Message Board. We are a considerate group so it will be easy.

We couldn’t have our annual dinner this year, but the format will be somewhat the same. Good food, Bratwurst with all the trimmings, beverages, silent auction. Stay tuned for more food choices, activities, and events as we get closer to the date.

GBF has reserved Group Camping Site #2 from Friday noon to Sunday noon so we will have the full use for camping on the grass for two days. A covered area with a BBQ and fire pit makes the camping easy and fun. Flush Toilets, in clean restrooms! No charge for the campsite.

Park opens at 7:00 AM and closes at 3:30 PM. The entrance fee is $12.00 per car, $15.00 if you have a fishing craft of any kind. Those who stay to camp will enjoy peace and quiet after 3:30PM. We will send out more details for those wishing to camp overnight.

Sign up for the picnic/party on the web link:
or with Jim Degnan at or text 408-887-7742. Leave us your name, number of adults and children.



There actually is a “Free lunch”!

Wendell firing up the grill the last year.


Dave, hurry up! We’re dying of thirst here.

The One-Fly Contest will start at 8:00 AM and end at 12:30 PM on Saturday, March 26. For more information and full details, go to the GBF Message Board “Topics/Fishouts/One Fly Contest”. Sign up for the contest on the weblink: or reply to the topic on the message board or directly with Jim Degnan,, text 408-887-7742. Once you are signed up you will receive emails regarding this contest as the situation requires. You can also check the GBF Message Board for updates, but the emails will have more information.