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The CDC Emerging Midge is a Rene' Harrop pattern, which is generic enough to imitate a wide range of emerging insects. The CDC used as the legs gives the fly life, flotation and visibility. Tie a few of these for stillwater situations. It should be fished without movement; however, a twitch or two sometimes triggers a strike.

Hook: Mustad 94833, sizes 14-20                                                                                     Thread: Olive 6/0 or 8/0                                                                                                                                              Tail: Teal or mallard flank                                                                                             Shellback: Gray 2mm closed cell foam                                                                               Body: Olive poly dubbing                                                                                                    Legs: Gray dun CDC feathers                                                                                            Head: Gray 2mm closed cell foam (butt from shellback)                                                    


1. Cover shank with thread layer, and mount tail at a point just above the back of the barb, or          where the back of the barb would be. The tail should be no longer than the shank.                       2. At the same point, tie in a narrow strip of foam, to be used as the shellback. The foam should now be sticking out behind the hook, over the top of the tail.                                                      3. Dub a nice, tapered, sparse body up to a point 1/3 shank length behind the eye.                     4. At this same point, tie in a CDC feather, with the butt of the stem to the rear, so that the top of the feather extends just beyond the eye. Tie down the butt securely, and trim it off. Now separate the fibers of the CDC feather evenly, pulling the clumps to opposite sides of the hook, so that they stick out perpendicular to the shank.                                                                                       5. At the same 1/3 point behind the eye, figure-eight around the two groups of CDC fibers, locking them in place.                                                                                                                        6. Dub over the tied-down butt of the CDC feather, and through the figure-eight area, and in front of that area, to a point just behind the eye. Keep the dubbing sparse.                                             7. Grab the foam piece and pull it over the top, forming a shellback. Don't pull it too tight, as this inhibits the flotation qualities of the foam. Tie it down securely just behind the eye.                      8. Trim it, leaving a small upright "butt" of the foam for a head.                                                   9. Whip finish just ahead of the head, and trim thread.

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