Tech Talk

In Bill’s words, this page was conceived “to demystify technical jargon associated with fly fishing, and to provide detailed how-to information on leaders, lines, rigging and more.”

Tech Talk is a companion to the GBF Library Articles page with educational articles on all facets of fly fishing.

Members are invited to suggest or contribute new topics for future inclusion here. Contact the webmaster with your ideas.


DIY Non-Slip Wading Soles, by Barre Normann, Jan 2018. Make your own low-cost, non-slip soles for your wading boots.

Leaders and Fly Lines

An introduction to Leader Design, by Bill Carnazzo

An Introduction to Fly Lines for the beginner, by Bill Carnazzo

How to Rig Still Water Leaders: Three successful stillwater rigs from top GBF float tubers.

How to Tie Steelhead Leaders: Several common designs for tying your own steelhead leaders.

How to Rig for Short-Line Nymphing: Schematics for three common Short-Line Nymphing leader rigs.