NCCFFF Fly Tyer of the Year - 2008

Congratulations to Bill Carnazzo, winner of the

2008 NCCFFF Fly Tyer of the Year Award


The Fly Tyer's Corner is a monthly column in The Leader, GBF's monthly newsletter.  The fly pattern for the club's monthly fly tying contest is the one featured in the previous month's Fly Tyer's Corner - as published here and in The Leader.   See contest details and Fly Pattern Archive below.

Bill Carnazzo

Spring Creek Guide Service

5209 Crestline Drive

Foresthill, CA 95631




(530) 367-5209 (Home Office)

(916) 295-9353 (Cell Phone)

2011 Fly of the Month


(click pattern name to see its tying instructions)

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January: Bill's Swimming Starling Sally

February: Bill's Swimming Starling Sally Dry

March: Cutter's Perfect Ant

April: Billywog

May: Burk's Aggravator Prince Nymph 

June: Partridge and Orange Soft Hackle

July: Bill's Swimming Hex Nymph

August: Flashy Chick Caddis

September: Princely Caddis Emerger

October: Bill's Fall Phase Stick Caddis

November: Shambles Caddis II

December: Jiggy Caddis


Fly Pattern Archives

by Pattern Name

The link above is an alphabetical list of pattern links by name. 

Below are lists by Year and Month


Tech Talk

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Bill Carnazzo




This is a new series of articles starting in the Nov. '08 issue of The Leader, GBF's monthly newsletter. Tech Talk will occaisionally provide some guidelines for members in their quest to understand and evaluate the bewildering virtual tsunami of information out there. While the column may not appear in each issue of the Leader, it will be a regular feature written by me and knowledgeable guest contributors. Members are invited to suggest topics for future articles—and please do take advantage of this offer, as we want to keep this column relevant and helpful.


Beyond the Vise

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Paul Egan



This is a series of articles from The Leader. I hope it will be helpful to many of our members. We will be covering the many overlooked aspects of fly tying that lie BEYOND THE VISE. My desire is to share some of my tricks and schemes, in trade for some of yours.    ~  Paul

Monthly Fly Tying Contest

At each monthly club meeting, a fly tying contest is held with winners receiving a gift certificate from GBF.  The pattern for each month's contest is always the one featured in the previous month's 'Fly Tyer's Corner' - as published here (above) and in previous month's The Leader newsletter. This will give you over a month to perfect tying your entry.

To participate, just tie the fly, bring it to the meeting, and submit it for the contest before the meeting gets underway.  Important... flies will be judged against the exact pattern recipe and materials published in the monthly 'Fly Tyer's Corner', so don't use any other recipes or resources for your fly, and try to use the specified tying materials if at all possible.  You can also come to the Fly Tying Jam in the preceding month and get the experts to help you tie the fly of the month.

There are two contestant categories:  Beginner and Experienced.  The winner of each category receives a gift certificate.  You may only win the Beginner category twice before you must then enter the Experienced category.  See GBF's newsletter The Leader for more information on the contest, and have fun!

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