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Mike Mercer's Z-Wing Caddis

This month's fly is designed to imitate the emergent form of the Caddis insect, rising from the bottom. It is an alternative to the LaFontaine Sparkle patterns and shold be fished with a rising action. In stillwater, it can be stripped in short, quick strips.


Hook:  TMC 2457; #12 - 16

Thread:  Brown 6/0 or 8/0

Back:  Turkey tail

Body:  Dark olive antron dubbing

Rib:  Chartreuse thread 6/0

Wing pads:  Ginger Z-lon

Thorax:  Peacock herl


1. After attaching thread, tie in turkey tail just beyond bend of hook. This will become the back. The strip should be about 1/8" wide.

2. Tie in chartreuse thread for the rib at the same spot.

3. Dub the body forward to about 1/3 shank length behind eye.

4. Pull turkey strip forward and tie off at forward end of body, forming the back.

5. Rib over body and back, using 6 -8 turns of the chartreuse thread.

6. Tie in the Z - lon tufts at an outward angle from each side of the body. They should extend no further than the rear of the body.

7. Tie in three strands of peacock herl, and form a chenille. Now wrap a nice thorax to just behind eye.

8. Form small thread head and whip finish.

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