Are you looking to try out a rod or reel before you buy, or maybe you would like to see if fly tying might be your thing and you’re not  yet ready to open your wallet?  Well, have no fear your club has your back… Equipment is available to borrow from the club’s Librarian on General Meeting nights. See one of the two gentlemen behind the table at the back of the room with the magazines on it. Members are required to sign an agreement to take care of and return borrowed items in good order:
– Spey rods
– Fly rods
– Tenkara rods
– Reels
– Fly tying kits
The rule: you keep the borrowed item(s) for 30 days and return them in original condition at the next general meeting. See Gary Gale at the library table at the back of the room at the next general meeting to borrow a Spey or conventional rod. See John Pellegrin to borrow a Tenkara rod. John will request that you have some basic instruction from him first before using a Tenkara rod due to their delicacy and specialized nature.

Detailed inventory:

5 ea. – 5 wt rods (9’) with reel and floating weight-forward line.

4 Spey rods including:

2 ea. Larry Lee 13 ft, 7 wt rods with matching lines.
2 ea. Echo rods at 12′ 9″, 7wt with matching lines.

Tenkara Rods:

2 ea.