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TMC 100, Mustad 94845, #10-20

Thread Black pre-waxed nylon

Mixed brown and grizzly dry fly feather fibers


gray muskrat (or synthetic substitute


mixed brown and grizzly dry fly feather

Thorax (optional) peacock herl




1. Wrap back half of hook with thread, ending at point just above back of barb.

2. Build small ball of dubbing at tail tie-in point; then mix hackle fibers and tie in. As thread backs against dubbing ball, the fibers should splay out. Tail is length of shank.

3. Move thread to the 1/3 point behind eye. Take two hackle points from center of neck, oppose shiny sides, even them up, and tie in. The length is equal to shank plus a hair or two. Pull them up and put two or three wraps in at their base at the front. Then figure eight through the wings once or twice only, to separate them.

4. Return to tail tie-in point, and dub a tapered body forward to base of wings.

5. Tie in a grizzly and a brown dry fly hackle (cape or saddle), with dull sides forward.

6. (Optional) Tie in two peacock herls behind wings and take a wrap or two behind and in front of wings, and tie off.

7. Wrap hackles; when wrapping the second one, try to weave it through first so that not too much is tied down.

8. Tie the hackles off, leaving ample room for the head. Wrap a small, neat head and whip finish.

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