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FlyTyer's Corner

by Bill Carnazzo

Chironomid Pupae (Midge)

Randall Kaufmann has designed many flies, and this imitation of an emerging midge pupa is one of them. It was recently featured in the Tahoe-Truckee Flyfishers bulletin, and I felt it worthwhile to put it in the Leader. Ralph Cutter, who put the fly in their bulletin, advised that using a light "greased" tippet and a "loop knot" (presumably a Duncan Loop) to attach the fly will "suspend" the fly just as the naturals suspend in the surface film preparatory to hatching. He also advises watching the leader closely and not waiting for a tug, and raising the rod tip gently rather than yanking back when a strike occurs. Good advice!!! Look for the telltale "dimples" on the surface; chances are that if no other bugs are visibly present, the fish are midging.



Hook: Tiemco 101 or equivalent #12-24
Thread: Black 6/0 or 8/0
Tail: Clear antron
Rib: White thread
Abdomen: Dark turkey biot
Thorax: Black antron dubbing
Wings: Grizzly hen tips


1. Smash barb. Cover hook with thread.

2. Tie in sparse bunch of clear antron for tail at back of bend, clipping it short.

3. Tie in white thread for rib at same point.

4. Tie in dark turkey biot at same point, and wind it clockwise forward to a point about 1/3 shank length behind eye. Tie off and trim butt.

5. Rib clockwise with white thread, laying thread in between winds of biot. Tie off at same spot and trim butt.

6. Dub black antron thorax, not too full, leaving a space behind eye to mount "wings".

7. Take two small grizzly hen tips and tie them in ahead of thorax, with convex side facing forward. See sketch.

8. Whip finish.

Enjoy, and see ya on the creek...!!!

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