Conservation Corner

Jim Monical – VP Conservation 

Mission Statement

To provide conservation direction and leadership for Granite Bay Flycasters by promoting the protection of fisheries and water resources, and to stimulate participation, awareness, and education of our club members and the community regarding conservation efforts.

Conservation Monthly Message

Preserving, protecting and enhancing local waters are several of the club’s primary objectives.  The pursuit of these objectives is the responsibility of the Conservation Committee.  This committee is comprised of club members that attend quarterly Conservation Committee meetings.  If you attend a Conservation Committee meeting, then you automatically become a member of this committee.  Last year (2023) the Conservation Committee selected 5 groups that shared $10,000 which is visible on the ‘Current and Past Support’ Conservation web pages.  This year the Conservation committee will have $12,000 at their disposal.  The Conservation Committee will meet June 17 at Round Table Pizza in Granite Bay.  More details can be found in the Conservation Meeting event.  Please sign-up for the June 17 Conservation meeting so that we can have a head count to make sure that we have a large enough meeting room to hold all participants.

Another smaller group (Ad Hoc committee) was formed to vet potential candidates to be presented to the Conservation Committee for the June 17 Conservation meeting.

The Ad Hoc committee met in April to review a list of potential conservation donation candidates.  This list was based on the groups that had received donations in the past.  We reviewed the attributes of each candidate.  These attributes included:

  • the candidate’s revenues
  • their expenditures
  • the types of projects they undertake and where these projects were or will be performed

We were able to gather the necessary financial information for the vetting candidates using this IRS website:

Here is the list of candidates that the Ad Hoc Committee recommends that the Conservation Committee start with at the June meeting:

Many thanks to Corley Phillips for his work in getting the financial information together to help the Ad Hoc Committee vet the potential donation candidates.

To all Granite Bay members – please feel free to suggest other groups we should consider for donations by emailing the recommendation to the VP of Conservation (Jim Monical).  The email should contain the name of the proposed candidate and its website.  Email address is  If a club member suggests a candidate, then that member should be ready to explain why that group should receive a donation (i.e., be an advocate for that candidate).  It is important the website be identified so the group can be researched.  Cutoff date for new candidate suggestions is June 1, 2024.

Upcoming Conservation Events