Conservation Corner

Jim Monical – VP Conservation 

Mission Statement

To provide conservation direction and leadership for Granite Bay Flycasters by promoting the protection of fisheries and water resources, and to stimulate participation, awareness, and education of our club members and the community regarding conservation efforts.

Conservation Monthly Message

Welcome to the updated GBF Conservation web pages. The purpose of these updates is to show that GBF is active in conservation of our fisheries. GBF is proud of the fact that we donate to conservation, and we make donations in several ways – cash donations, donations to presenters, and through volunteer participation in conservation events. The Conservation drop down menu has been modified to make it easier to get to this information (Conservation Corner, Organizations Supported, Current Projects, and Outreach). The most important update was to show organizations that received our support in cash donations in 2023 and which can be found on the Organizations Supported/Current Support web page. We also added a list of organizations that received past donation support prior to 2023 (Organizations Supported/Past Support). GBF has also participated in several conservation events in 2023 which can be found on the Current Projects web pages. GBF is also proud to continue to support education in regards to fisheries conservation on the Outreach web page. Finally, many of our articles along with the GBF Conservation Mission Statement can be found on the Conservation Corner, including one new addition – Upcoming Conservation Events. This is where you will find the dates of the quarterly conservation meetings – this is where the donation decisions are made by the meeting participants. You will also see opportunities to volunteer to participate in conservation events in this location.

I also plan on using the Conservation Category on the message board. I have come across different types of conservation activities/events which I will post in the conservation category on the message board to determine if there is interest. Also, feel free to post your ideas and suggestions for volunteer conservation events in this location on the message board.

Jim Monical, VP Conservation

Upcoming Conservation Events