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Electric Caddis

The Electric Caddis was featured here several years ago. I have again featured it because it is a great winter pattern, and we are planning a January trout outing (unless we get "El Nino’d to death) to the Lower Tuolomne, which is open after January 1st. The Electric Caddis is designed to imitate the smallish "free" caddis larva found on rocks in freestone streams--sometimes called "green rockworms". If you use a seine net while disturbing the bottom upstream, you will find the net loaded with these little wiggling caddis larva. Fished on the point of the tippet with another fly (such as a Prince Nymph) on the dropper, it makes a deadly choice. You will generally need to add weight to your tippet to get the fly (or flies) down on the bottom where those big ones are lurking.


Hook: Standard Nymph hook; or Tiemco 2457; #12-14.
Thread: Olive
Body: Fluorescent or lime green flat nylon thread
Rib: Fine gold wire
Shellback: Pearlescent mylar sheeting
Thorax: Natural rabbit dubbing (greyish tan)
Head: Black thread


1. Using olive tying thread, cover hook with thread. The thread should extend about 1/2 way down the bend, past the end of the barb.

2. At that point, tie in rib material, then at same point tie in a 1/8" strip of the mylar sheeting, leaving it pointing out to the rear. [Note: this can be obtained from craft stores; it is used as a ribbon for fancy packages].

3. At the same point, tie in the green florescent material. Bring tying thread to front of hook. Wind the body material forward to about 1/8" behind eye. Tie off there.

4. Bring the mylar over the back of the fly and tie down at forward end of body.

5. Rib the fly with the gold wire, thus fastening down the mylar shellback. Tie off ribbing.

6. Dub small thorax with the rabbit; whip finish.

7. Tie on the black thread and form a nice small black head. Whip finish again.

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