Fly Patterns - Hickey's Automatic Emerger

                 Hickey's Automatic Emerger


This fly was featured in a recent issue of the “Orvis News,” an excellent publication put out by the Orvis Company. I normally don’t feature, in this column, flies found in magazines or other news publications. I will make an exception where a fly makes sense, has unique features, and is practical—i.e., it looks fishy and is easy to tie. I don’t know the fly’s creator, Jim Hickey—but I have fished his fly and found it to be a worthwhile addition to fly boxes. According to Hickey, it imitates a BWO as well as a PMD, with the only variant being the dubbing colors. Let’s go with the BWO configuration.

Tying Instructions

  1. Crimp the hook barb and place the bead on the hook.

  2. Cover the hook shank with a layer of thread, working from the back of the bead to the hook bend. The thread should just short of halfway down the bend.



  1. Tie in a tail of approximately 6 pheasant tail fibers at the point where the thread ends.

  1. At the same tie-in point, tie in two strands of olive crystal flash and move the thread forward to the back of the bead.

  2. Twist the olive crystal flash strands together, and wrap them up the shank to the 1/3 spot on the shank behind the bead. Tie the crystal flash off at that point but don’t cut it off. Instead, double it over and then tie it back over the abdomen, leaving the thread at the 1/3 point.


  1. Dub the thorax; it should be fuzzy but not overly large.






  1. Take a small dark dun CDC puff and tie it in by its stem, with the tip of the feather pointing rearward, just behind the eye.


  1. Bring the crystal flash forward and tie it off at the same point. The “wings” should now be sticking out to the sides of the fly. Whip finish.


Tying Tips

If the CDC sticks out too far from the hook once it’s tied off, use your scissors to trim it to shape.

When making the crystal flash body, apply the winds evenly and smoothly.

Now go tie one and then go fish it, and…




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