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Standard dry fly

Thread Brown/maroon

Light dun hackle


Maroon find dubbing

Rib two separate 2-wind segments
Wing Dun CDC
Under wing Dun deer hair

Light dun

Head Thread

Bill's Morning Waltz Caddis




1. Smash barb if not using barbless hook. Put dubbing ball at hook bend, and tie on flared tail.

2. Begin by dubbing rear 1/6 of hook.

3. Tie in 1 strand herl, wrap twice, and tie off; don’t cut it.

4. Dub another 1/6 of hook, and take the herl and wrap it twice.

5. Dub another 1/6 of hook.

6. Tie in a tent-style deer hair wing; medium density.

7. On top of the deer hair, tie in a CDC wing, same length.

8. Tie on hackle dry fly style; then dub over the deer hair butts and butts of the CDC.

9. Wrap the hackle—3 wraps is sufficient—and tie off, forming a nice, small head.

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