by Paul Egan

Coal Car

Originator: Randall Kaufmann


Once again we find the days shorter and the evenings cold and damp. Some of the best time to fill the fly box and experiment with some new patterns. This fly is one of my favorite flies to tie. Not because it catches fish, (I have never caught a fish on one) not because it has any sentimental value, (I know no one who ties it). I tie this fly for one reason, it’s sexy!!! That is a quote from a local steelhead guide.




HOOK: TMC #7999

THREAD: Black Flymaster-plus

TAIL: Black hackle fibers

RIB: fine French oval tinsel (silver)

BODY: 1/4 Orange DMC Floss (#608), 1/4 Pink DMC Floss (#892),1/2 black chenille; DMC Floss may be found at fabric/craft stores, such as Hancock Fabrics, located at El Camino and Fulton.

HACKLE: black hackle (soft and webby)

WING: dyed black squirrel tail

HEAD: black thread and clear coat



  1. Smash barb and place in vice.

  2. Tie in the thread with a jam knot behind the open loop of the hook.

  3. Wrap the thread to the rear of the hook to a spot on the shank above the midway point between the point and the barb.

  4. Pull some barbs from a hackle feather and tie them in for a tail. The tail should angle up.

  5. Tie in a piece of fine French oval tinsel.

  6. Tie in a piece of orange thread.

  7. Wrap the orange forward three wraps.

  8. Tie in a piece of pink thread.

  9. Wrap the pink forward three wraps

  10. Tie in a piece of black chenille

  11. Wrap the chenille forward four wraps

  12. Tie in a black hackle from the butt end. (barbs should be twice the length of the gap of the hook)

  13. Wrap the hackle four turns directly in front of the chenille. Tie off and clip the end.

  14. “Three finger sweep” the hackle back over the fly and tie it down into a wet style.

  15. Now clip a small bunch of squirrel tail fibers, clean out the short fibers, and lightly stack.

  16. Tie in the squirrel tail fibers by the clipped ends with the points extending to a mid point of the tail.

  17. Taper cut the butt ends of the squirrel tail so the head will form smoothly.

  18. Form a long smooth taper for the head and whip finish.

  19. Glue the head with head cement. Then when it is dry apply two coats of Loon Outdoors hard head fly finish clear.

As a note to all of the people entering flies in the monthly contest. I would love to hear stories about or see pictures of fish caught on your flies.

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