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Fly Tyer's Corner

by Bill Carnazzo

The Gulper Special

The Gulper Special was conceived by Al Troth came up with this fly while fishing Hebgen Lake in Montana. It is a Callibaetis imitation. In smaller (20-24) sizes, it is a good bet for "trico's"--the diminutive Tricorythodes mayfly. The name comes from the sound of toadish trout sipping mayflies off the surface of a lake. We will tie this pattern in a size 14 to be used as a Callibaetis or similar imitation; tie it smaller, of course, for the trico.


1. Tie in thread at 1/3 point on shank (1/3 shank length behind eye). Tie in a 1/2" small piece of white poly yarn at this point; figure-eight wraps around it so it looks like illustration below.

2. Roll the entire wing around to the underside of the hook, with the tips of the wings still pointing out perpendicular to the shank.

3. Pull the entire wing straight up, and take 5 or 6 turns of thread around and up the base of the wing. Wrap two turns in front of and in back of the wing. Hold off trimming the wing for now.

4. Wrap thread back to point just above back of barb, or where barb would be if hook was barbed (whew!). Mount tail here, with length equal to shank. Keep the abdomen area even and not bulked up with thread.

5. Dub the body to the rear of the wing; tie in the hacked flat, with the shiny side up. Once it is tied in tightly, dub a thorax, extending it a bit in front of the wing.

6. Begin winding the hackle at the top of the thread base you made at the base of the wing, working each turn of the hackle down and beneath the previous turn.

7. Tie off the hackle after making it tight, and form a small, neat head.

8. Trim the wing, first for size--should be equal to length of shank. Then trim for shape, curving edges to give a natural appearance.


Hook: Mustad 94840; Tiemco 900BL. #14
Thread: Dark brown
Wing: White Poly-Pro yarn; try different colors (even black), to account for differing light conditions and visibility
Tail: Natural grizzly or bronze blue dun hackle fibers, or substitute moose mane fibers
Body: Dark brown dubbing (synthetic)
Hackle: Grizzly, parachute style

Enjoy, and see ya on the creek...!!!

Copyright 1998 by Granite Bay Flycasters unless otherwise noted.