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"Ron's Simple Crayfish"

This simple crayfish pattern was created by Ron Rabun. It is a perfect example of what I consider the two essential criteria for an effective fly: it is simple, both in the tying steps and in the materials selected; and it was created with a "vision"--i.e., conscious thought on the part of a knowledgeable angler as to what the fish (not necessarily the anglers) are actually looking for when the "food" is presented. One of the essential attributes of a crayfish pattern is that it have "arms" which have a tendency to move in an upward direction, with the other end of the body in a slightly downward attitude. If you have watched crayfish in the water, you know what this means.


Hook Mustad 9674 or equivalent, #2-4
Thread Brown 6/0 or 8/0
Body Olive, bronze or brown crystal chenille
Eyes Medium "dumbell" lead eyes
Legs/claws 1/8-3/16" brownish orange rabbit strips
Head Thread


1. Place hook in vise and smash barb. Cover hook shank with thread.
2. At the point just above the back end of the barb, tie on a pair of small size dumbell eyes, and secure them with super glue.
3. Prepare the rabbit strips by narrowing one end to a point; use an indelible green marker to dye the leather side of the strip.
4. Tie the blunt end of one of the strips in just forward of the small size dumbell eye, on one side of the hook (not on top). Now tie the other strip in on the other side. When tied in, the pointed end of the strip should be facing to the rear, and the green leather side should be on the inside. The strips should be around one inch in length.
5. Tie in crystal chenille just behind the small dumbell eye and let it hang for the moment.
6. Now tie in a pair of medium size dumbell eyes just behind the eye. Leave enough room in front of the eye to form a small head.
7. Wind the crystal chenille forward to a point just behind the medium eyes and tie it off. If desired, dub some olive fur around the eyes.

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