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Standard nymph hook such as Tiemco 3761, #8-16

Bead (Optional):

Gold (optional)


Lead, wrapped around shank, size .015 or .020


hare's ear mask guard hairs


hare's ear dubbing


fine gold wire


mottled turkey quill

Thorax: hare's ear dubbing



Gold Ribbed Hare's Ear


1. Wrap lead on shank. Use enough wraps to cover the thorax area of the hook, leaving plenty of room behind eye.

2. Cover lead with thread to secure it, and wrap thread back to the tail tie-in point, just above the back of the barb. Here tie in the tail, which should be short.

3. Tie in the gold wire, and then dub a tapered body to the 1/3 point on the hook behind the eye.

4. Wrap the gold wire forward to the same point and tie it off.

5. Cut a turkey quill segment to about 3/8” in width for the wing case, and tie it in at the same point, with the tip pointing out over the tail and the dull side up. Pull it forward and examine the area near the front end of the body to ensure that there is no gap left there between the body and the wing case.

6. Dub a robust thorax; you can use a dubbing teaser to tease out some of the fibers to make it look more shaggy.

7. Cut the tip out of a partridge feather for the legs, and tie the feather in behind the eye by the stem after pulling off the fuzz at the base of the feather. Tie it in so the “v” point faces forward, and the fibers point back. Pull on the stem to get the fibers to the right length, and then cinch down on the feather. Cut the remaining stem.

8. Bring the wingcase forward over the thorax and legs, tie it down securely behind the eye of the hook, and wrap a nice small, neat head.

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