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FlyTyer's Corner

by Bill Carnazzo

Little Yellow Stone

Now is the time when the small yellow stoneflies are evident around streams such as the Upper Sacramento. So, it is well to have a good nymph imitation, and a good dry pattern. This month we feature an old Polly Rosborough pattern called simply the Little Yellow Stone. Fish this pattern right on the bottom, which means you may want to weight it some.


Hook: Tiemco 300, Mustad 79580, size 10
Thread: Light yellow 6/0 or 8/0
Tail: Dyed chartreuse mallard flank feather
Rib: Yellow thread, heavier than tying thread (such as size A)
Shellback: Same as tail
Body: Chartreuse wool yarn
Legs: Same as tail
Wingcase: Same as tail


1. Smash barb, cover shank with thread, and add weight if desired.

2. Tie in short tail, about body length, just above back of barb. At same point, tie in mallard flank for shellback by tying in by tips. Leave this standing or stroked back.

3. Tie in yarn at same point, along with ribbing thread, which should be heavier than tying thread.

4. Wrap yarn around shank to a point about 1/8' behind eye, tie off and trim.

5. Grab shellback material by butts and pull forward, distributing it evenly across the top of the fly, and tie it off at same point that body yarn was tied off. Leave the butts intact, as they will become the wingcase.

6. Wrap ribbing material forward to same point with about 6 nice even turns, and tie off at same point.

7. Take butts of shellback material and pull them back toward tail; tie them down in this position to form the wingcase. They should extend back to about the middle of the shank, so trim them at that point.

8. Tie in leg material, which will be a beard-style "hackle" on the underside of the fly. The legs should extend back not quite to the point of the hook. Form nice head and whip finish.

Enjoy, and see ya on the creek...!!!

Copyright 1998 by Granite Bay Flycasters unless otherwise noted.