Date Pending

One hour early before the general meeting.

This is an opportunity to learn about the many activities and programs available to our members. You’ll have a chance to meet and chat with the members who are behind our many clinics and fishouts. Besides information on scheduled club events, you will have a chance to speak with members who fish for bass, trout, steelhead, stripers, and shad as well as saltwater varieties.

Some of the activities featured were:

• Rod Building
• Golden Trout Program
• Net Building
• Bass and Striper Fishing
• Rod Loaner Program
• Places to fish locally
• Entomology
• Casting
• Conservation
• Education
• Library
• Classroom Egg Program
• Welding of fly lines
• Fly Tying
• Club Merchandise
• Knot Tying


Come prepared to learn and explore. The talents and expertise of our members comprise decades of experience. Many of our members have fished internationally and want to share their stories. If you are a new member, this is an excellent way to learn and become involved in GBF. If you know someone who may be interested in fly fishing, bring them to the meeting so they can see what GBF offers them to learn about the sport. It’s also a great social time for all of our members, new and “old” alike.