GBF Monthly Casting Workshops

The former single annual large-group casting session at Gibson Ranch has been replaced by

 monthly small-group sessions at Sierra Meadows Park in Rocklin. Watch for member

emails in order to register.  Participation is limited to first come-first served.

By John Hogg, Certified Casting Instructor

This is to announce the GBF’s monthly Fly Casting workshops. These workshops are appropriate for all skill levels of casters. If you are a novice, we will get you going, and if you are experienced we will make you better. The sessions are conducted on the 3rd Saturday of each month, weather permitting.

Dates and times are announced monthly via member email, and  are usually the first Saturday of the month.



You must be a GBF member to attend these casting workshops – there is no fee.

We will address the following casts, topics, and techniques:

  • The 6 essential elements of a fly cast.
  • Why most fly casters can never throw more than 50 feet.
  • Roll cast
  • Pickup – Laydown forward cast
  • False casting
  • Shooting line to add distance
  • Introduction to the double haul
  • Maximizing your distance cast
  • Rigging and casting for chironomid fishing under an indicator
  • Rigging and casting heavy flies with sinking lines for bass fishing