The Ralph Cutter Page

Selected works from Ralph Cutter. The following are a collection of articles which previously appeared either in California Fly Fisher magazine and/or their now discontinued website.

About Ralph and Lisa Cutter:  The Cutter’s retired and closed down their guiding and fly fishing training operation in June of 2017 after 36 years of running The California School of Fly Fishing. For that period and more they guided the Truckee River and High Sierra regions while Ralph authored multiple books on how to fish the region including his must-have Fish Food.  Ralph was the featured speaker at several annual GBF dinners, and  a Contributing Editor for California Fly Fisher.  These articles are made available with the author’s express permission.

 Little Things (tippet rings) – by Ralph Cutter, California Fly Fisher, Feb. 2013

Tips & Trivia: Myths, Legends, Lies, & Other Fishing Facts – by Ralph Cutter, California Fly Fisher 

Tips from Lefty Kreh, “Under the Alders” – by Ralph and Lisa Cutter, California Fly Fisher

Streamer Strategies  – by Ralph Cutter

All That Glitters – by Ralph Cutter

The Golden Trout – by Ralph Cutter