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April Monthly Program

Our speaker this month will be Joe Garza.  Joe will be pinch-hitting for John Pellegrin, who was originally going to speak about Tenkara fishing.   As the photos in this eblast indicate, Joe’s clients have a proclivity for catching big fish.  He will be talking about fishing Lake Almanor through-out the year.  The timing of his presentation could not be better because Lake Almanor’s famed hex hatch is just around the corner and this lake is float-tube friendly.  Here’s some information about Joe:

Born and raised here in Northern California, Joe learned the finer points of fly fishing right here in the North State. His passion for fishing was kindled in the creeks of Paradise, CA, where he spent his formative years honing his skills in the region’s lush foothills and diverse waterways. His early experiences, marked by ambitious explorations and a deep curiosity for the natural world, laid the foundation for his profound expertise in fly fishing.

In 2001, his journey took a significant turn when he discovered fly fishing. This discovery was not just a new hobby, but a calling. He immersed himself completely, mastering not only the techniques but also gaining a deep understanding of aquatic entomology and freshwater ecosystems. His dedication to the sport is evident in his comprehensive knowledge and skill in fly fishing as well as fly tying.

In 2005, his talent for teaching and his passion for fly fishing converged when he became the youth coordinator for a local fly fishing club. For over five years, he dedicated himself to nurturing young anglers, guiding them through the intricacies of fly fishing and instilling in them a respect for aquatic environments. His leadership and expertise were instrumental in elevating the program to national acclaim.

As a guide, Joe is known for his patience, ability to teach, and his commitment to creating memorable experiences. His approach ensures that clients not only enjoy their time on the water but also leave with enhanced skills and a deeper appreciation for fly fishing. His dedication to his clients’ success and his joy in their independent achievements set him apart as a guide. Joe Garza is more than a skilled fisherman; he is a teacher and mentor, as well as a steward of the fish and environments we fish in.

Leader’s Line

Preserving, protecting and enhancing local waters are several of the club’s primary objectives.  The pursuit of these objectives is the responsibility of the Conservation Committee.  This committee is comprised of club members that attend quarterly Conservation Committee meetings.  If you attend a Conservation Committee meeting, then you automatically become a member of this committee.

There are two main ways in which the Conservation Committee pursues these objectives: 1) by using club members to undertake improvement projects; and 2) by making donations to environmental groups that perform similar projects.  Let’s talk about the steps by which an environmental group could become a candidate to receive a donation.

The first step is for a club member to identify this environmental group, the earlier the better.  More specifically, the member sends the VP of Conservation (Jim Monical) the name of the proposed candidate and its website.  It is important the website be identified so the group can be researched.  Here’s the email for the VP of Conservation:  These new candidates will be added to a list containing last year’s donation recipients.

The second step involves a review of this list by some members of the Conservation Committee (i.e., the ad hoc committee).  The purpose of this ad hoc committee is to summarize the attributes of each candidate.  These attributes could include the candidate’s revenues, their expenditures, the types of projects they undertake and where these projects were or will be performed.  The ad hoc committee makes no decision regarding which candidates receive a donation or how much they should receive.  Those decisions are reserved for the Conservation Committee.

The third, and final step, occurs at the Conservation Committee’s June meeting.  Every club member that attends this meeting can participate.  This step includes a discussion of candidate summaries, a selection of candidates that should receive a donation and the value of that donation.  If a club member has suggested a candidate, then that member should be ready to explain why that group should receive a donation (i.e., be an advocate for that candidate).

The Conservation Committee selected 5 groups that shared $10,000 at last year’s June meeting.  The exact value of this year’s donations will be determined by the Board of Directors.  This value will be based upon revenues generated from the Annual Dinner.

That’s enough about the business of the club, now it’s time to attend to the business of fishing.

See ya on the water.

Kim Lloyd, GBF President 

New on the GBF site:

  • A reminder that all historic FLY TYING JAM recipes back to May of 2017 are available here in a single location under the Fly Tying menu tab. New to fly tying? Check out the educational links at the top of that page.
  • Check out the new Rod Building videos (at bottom of page) found here!
  • The 2024 Fishout and Classes/Workshops schedules are largely complete for the year, so have a look here and here and sign up for something!
  • The Conservation area of the website has seen a major overhaul! Click on Conservation Corner for full details from new Conservation VP Jim Monical.
  • A list of all GBF past presidents all the way back to 1985 can be found here.
  • A list of GBF member achievers for the Fly Fishers International Fly Casting Skills Development Program is now available here.
  • Collectors and aficionados of vintage bamboo and glass rods, and reels will now find contact info for long-time expert Jim Adams of Adams Angling on the GBF Links page under Vintage Fly Gear, Books and More. A good source to check the value of granddads vintage fly gear.
  • Check out the GBF Photo Gallery here. Send your best photos to Chris Kight.

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