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Wendell Edwards – President

I became a GBF member in 2008. I started fishing at a young age with my brother and dad and thought I knew a lot about fishing. I also thought I had a good understanding of what fly fishing was all about until I started attending the clinics and classroom training sessions that are available to all members. What a difference it’s made in my knowledge and skills. I say THANK YOU to the GBF members that have donated their time and shared their knowledge and skills with me. I am very proud to be your current president.

 Don Whitecar Don Whitecar – V.P. Membership

Don has been a life-long fisherman, starting out as a spinning gear guy. His favorite childhood lake was Lake Pillsbury in Northern California. He grew up in Marin County and moved to Folsom area in 1995. Since retiring a few years back, his fishing skills have improved significantly, thanks to the camaraderie and friends made in Granite Bay Flycasters. Thanks to the many fishouts and educational forums, he has found much enjoyment as a member. Feel free to reach out to Don with any membership concerns.


Dave Fujiyama – V.P. Conservation

Dave Fujiyama comes to us as a transplant from Orange County, where driving 100+ miles to terrorize little brown trout in skinny brush-choked streams was a typical outing. His grandparents lived in Sacramento, and he remembers hand-lining for striped bass in the Sacramento River as a 6-year-old. Catching a grayling on a flyrod in Alaska in 2000 hooked him on fly-rodding, and he’s grateful to Granite Bay Flycasters for teaching him new techniques like short-line nymphing and Tenkara, and rod building and net making. New skills aside, it’s the GBF camaraderie that means the most to him, so he’s ready to give back to the club by serving as Conservation Chair. As a science teacher, he incorporated Trout in the Classroom in his former AP Environmental Science curriculum and has led 100+ Sierra Club outings that included stewardship projects. His degree is in Biological Sciences from UCI, and he’s completing an MS in Science Education. 

Mike Howes  

Mike Howes – Treasurer

I became a GBF member in 2003. Then I was an inexperienced fly fisherperson. The experienced members of the club volunteered their time to help me understand the various techniques of fly fishing; i.e. Knot tying, rod and line selection, bug knowledge, fly tying, fishing techniques, and casting. I have made my own net and rod. Friendships have evolved. I am very proud to volunteer for the club that has helped me so much.

PS: I have even caught fish.

xxx David  Bennett – Secretary

My fishing experiences started in the lakes and rivers of Michigan. I started with baitcasting and spinning rods. I had the desire to try fly fishing, but never really quite got there; Life happened. Fast forward to 2012 and 2,000 miles farther west; the urge to get serious about fly fishing became much stronger. I joined Granite Bay Flycasters to learn to cast a fly more than 12 feet and find where I might go to try this new skill. I have been able to learn this and much more from the great folks of GBF. There is a wealth of knowledge in the club and I plan to continue my education and to be able to share with others what I have learned.


Ed Lloyd Ed Lloyd – Director thru 2019

One of the oldest rivalries in the world is the one that pits Man vs. Nature. I strongly believe that Fly Fishing is only one of two sports that if you truly work to understand everything about the sport and why certain methods are better than others, then you can truly become one with nature, and it’s at that moment when Fly Fishing becomes worthwhile. I’ve been flyfishing since I was in 8th grade, yet it wasn’t until February of 2011, when I became a member of GBF, that I finally decide that once and for all to take this sport seriously and enjoy it as a life-long hobby. I know I made the right choice. I look forward to learning everything possible that goes with this sport. I know I’m off to a good start to becoming a successful fly fisherman, and helping others to achieve the same.

 Eric Palmer
Eric Palmer
 – Director thru 2018I joined the club in early 2007 shortly after retiring and moving to Orangevale from San Jose where I was with San Jose Flycasters for several years. I joined GBF realizing I still had a lot to learn, and hoping to meet some fishing partners, and I have not been disappointed. The club has outstanding resources of highly skilled and friendly people willing to share what they know, along with numerous classes and clinics and Fishouts. I’ve built 3 nets and a fly rod at our clinics, and after a prolonged period of procrastination, I finally joined the growing fraternity of fly tiers. I’ve served as Fishmaster and currently co-webmaster, and this is my second tour of duty on the board.
 Gordon Tornberg Gordon Tornberg – Director thru 2018

I joined the club in 2010 at the suggestion of a fellow fly fisherman after I asked him how one gets started fly fishing. He suggested that I look up a fly fishing club in my area, which I eventually did and found GBF. While I don’t fish as much as I would like, I enjoy it when I do and try to participate in as many of the activities, workshops, and clinics that the club offers. GBF is a great organization, and I hope I can contribute to the club’s continued success.

  David Jones – Director thru 2019

I had fly fished for 30 years before moving to California in 2008. After getting here I realized I knew nothing about “how or where it was done” in CA. To overcome my knowledge deficit I immediately joined GBF. It was the best fishing decision I have ever made. Through the club and its members, I had access to over a million years of fly fishing experience (only a slight exaggeration). The club has afforded me an incredible opportunity to learn the craft in-depth.I am honored to serve on the Board and give back a little of what I have received.

Dale Spear – Director thru 2020

My son and I attended a Fly Fishing Basics class put on by Bill Carnazzo at Sierra College around 2010.  Shortly after I had Bill guide us on the North Middle American near Forest Hill.  I was taken with Bill’s Tight Line Nymphing technique, which probably accounts for my preference to streams and rivers.  I joined GBF in 2013 and I am continually impressed how friendly and helpful the members have been.  I am a proud member of the Golden Trout Program.


Carol Tevlin – Director at Large

Having fond memories watching my father fly fishing and tying flies, I decided to take up the sport myself.  At the recommendation of a coworker, I joined GBF a few years ago to learn how to fly fish.  I was an absolute beginner and GBF helped me to learn the skills necessary to be successful and enjoy the sport.  Everyone is so helpful and encouraging and there are lots of opportunities to go fishing and learn more. I look forward to serving on the board and encouraging more women to be active in the sport.

Ron Fay – Director thru 2020

After several years of attending the ISE Expo and visiting the GBF booth every year, I finally became a proud member in early 2015. I have been fishing for as long as I can remember – starting with spinning gear and salmon eggs/lures. My daughter, who is also my fishing buddy, finally suggested that we learn to fly fish – so we took classes and I have been hooked ever since. In this short time as a member of GBF, I realize the vast resources available to everyone to improve the skills of fly fishing. From the willingness of its members in sharing their expertise, to the clinics, fishouts, and programs that are available, we can all continue to improve and prosper. I look forward to contributing to this fine organization.


Committee Chairs, Project Leads and Volunteers
Casting Instruction John Hogg & Sturmer White
Classroom Egg Program Frank Stolten 
Conservation Committee Dave Fujiama. Others ad hoc per meeting. All members welcomed.
Communications Eric Palmer
Education Gordon Tornberg
Facilities Ron Fay
Fishmaster – Rivers & Streams Tony Jelinek
Fishmaster – Stillwater Doug Kytonen
Fly Tying Jim Holmes
Fly Tying Jam Jim Holmes
Gatekeeper Ron Fay
Golden Trout Program David Jones
Holiday potluck dinner David Jones
ISE Expo Dale Spear
Leader Editor Frank Stolten
Leader Layout/Publisher Vivian Mevorah
Librarian Kim Lloyd
Merchandising Mike Howes
Monthly Speaker Programs Ed Lloyd
Picnic Dale Spear
Refreshments Monthly Volunteers
Swap Meet & Chili Cook-off John Hogg & volunteers
Webmasters Kent Ripley, Eric Palmer, Don Whitecar
Youth Program Open