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ISE Expo
January 17-21, 2018
Dale Spear

Let’s make this the best booth at the ISE show and check back often for updates.

Happy Holidays club members.  We need volunteers to staff our club booth in January at the International Sportsmen’s Exposition (ISE) show.  Many fly fishers at GBF learned about the club at the ISE show and you have the opportunity to invite other prospective members to join and make our organization even stronger.  We will share with prospective members that through our club they can improve their casting skills, learn the art of fly tying, participate in conservation efforts, attend fish-outs with guidance provided, build a fly rod or net, and much more.

Most of the shifts are a short two hours with a couple shifts being one and a half hours.  There will be two people for each shift, although many club members come by the booth and spend time shooting the breeze; that’s what fly fishers do.  You will receive a ticket to get into the show for free, so you can spend time before or after your shift looking at the other great booths and presentations.  You will need to purchase a parking pass, however.

By the time you read this I will have already put out the sign-up sheet at the November meeting, but I will also bring it to the December pot-luck.  The sign-up sheet is posted here so members can see which spots are available.  I will update the schedule every other day.  Please email me, Dale Spear, at or call my cell 916 502-0455 to sign-up.  Thank you.

ISE Coordinator Dale Spear