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January 2018
by Tony Jelinek – Fishmaster, Rivers & Stream

As we kick-off a new year of fishing, what streams will you be tackling this year? Thanks to the fishouts, I found several new runs to fish on familiar rivers, learned new techniques, discovered new streams and made new fishing buddies.

Thank you to the fishmasters in 2017, who took the time to introduce their fellow club members to the rivers and streams that they enjoy to fish, passing along their knowledge, and probably, giving up a few secrets along the way. With the streams being so high this year, twelve fish-outs were packed into a four-month period from mid-June to mid-October with one final fishout to end the year on the Trinity. The following is the list of fishmasters who led fishouts on the rivers and streams of Northern California:

•   Ed Lloyd: Truckee River and Little Truckee River
•   Jake Carlomango: North Fork of the Middle Fork of the American River
•   Pete Koistinen: UC Davis Lower Yuba River
•   Ron Rabun: Upper Sacramento River
•   John Pellegrin: Silver Creek and East Carson River
•   Corley Philips: Trinity River

Consider leading a fishout for 2018. What a great way to give back to the club. We have many more streams and rivers to explore. If you have an idea for a fishout on a river or stream that you would like to lead, please reach out to me (

Wishing you all sure feet, leak-proof waders, and tight lines in 2018.