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November/December 2017

By Dave Fujiyama- VP Conservation

Mission Statement:

To provide conservation direction and leadership for Granite Bay Flycasters by promoting the protection of fisheries and water resources, and to stimulate participation, awareness, and education of our club members and the community regarding conservation efforts.

Cast Hope:  An Upstream Perspective

Please welcome Captain Chuck Ragan from CR Flyfishing, a guide service based in Grass Valley.  Chuck splits his time guiding clients and mentoring kids for Cast Hope, a non-profit in Chico whose aim it is to get more kids outside, on the water and onto fish!

Most of us in GBF grew up without the distraction of cell phones and computer games.  For us, fun meant exploring the natural world, turning over rocks in the local streams to see what creatures we could discover, or skipping rocks across our neighbor’s farm pond.  A vacation was a campsite in Yosemite or Big Sur, and the best sleep we ever got was right after getting to 1,023 as we counted the stars, lying in our sleeping bags.  You remember those days, right?  I sure do!

I probably would not have become so hooked on fishing if it weren’t for my older brother, Gary, who spent time with me on the water.   As a college student, he started me off when I was 6, handlining for small stripers in the Sacramento River off the levee, chunks of mackerel on the treble.  Later, after having given me an ultralight spinning rod and reel when I turned 8, he taught me the time-honored secrets of wadding Velveeta onto a hook for San Gabriel River stocked rainbows so it didn’t flick off during the cast.  I later graduated to flicking Mepps and Panther Martin spinners into pocket water for tiny wild browns in Little Rock Creek.  Now I fly fish with all of you!  But every fishout I enjoy with GBF I think of him.  It was his mentorship and his infectious love of the wilderness that inspires me to keep seeking my peace in the natural world.  Do you remember your mentors?  Captain Chuck does, too.  He joined up with Cast Hope because he knows that the best way to protect our fishable waters tomorrow is to get kids to fall in love with the natural world today.  Cast Hope introduces kids to camping, fly fishing, fly tying and conservation through the development of mentoring relationships.

Cast Hope’s mission it is to “build mentoring relationships, fly fishing skills, outdoor knowledge, sustainable practices, and personal values. Cast Hope’s gift of the outdoors empowers each mentoring pair to grow closer as they participate in healthy hobbies together.”
Sounds pretty good to me! Like our GBF crew, the Captain invests in the younger generation by getting them hooked on the serenity and peace we find when we’re knee-deep in cold, clean streams.

January’s Conservation Committee meeting is right around the corner. I’ll have a sign-up sheet at our January 10 General Members’ meeting, or you can let me know of your intentions to join us by calling or texting Dave Fujiyama at 949-212-1337 or emailing him at That way I’ll know how many pizzas to order!

Please mark your calendars:

Date: Tuesday January 22, 2018, 6:00 pm – 7:15 pm

Where: Round Table Pizza, 8755 Sierra College Blvd, Roseville, CA 95661 (east side of Sierra College Blvd, between Douglas Blvd and Eureka Rd)


Conservation Articles of Continued Topical Interest

Selected articles in pdf format from previous months that remain current today.

–  A Closer Look at the Delta Tunnels (September 2015)

–  Saving the Salmon (October 2015)

–  “Wicked Problems” (November 2015)

–  Fish Introductions to California (December 2015)

–  Lake Davis Fish Health (January 2017)

–  Contara Loop Spill (July 2016)

Conservation Committee Meetings are held quarterly at 6:30 PM at the Round Table Pizza just south of Douglas on Sierra College Blvd. Watch the home page or Message Board Conservation forum for the date.