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Your resource for educational articles from fellow GBF members along with
prominent angling authors from California and beyond.

Updated Nov 3, 2017

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 *  Short-Line Nymphing reading list

GBF Member Contributors

* Ted Towendolly and the Origin of Short-Line Nymphing on the Upper Sac – by Eric Palmer, Oct 2017
   The Wiggle Tail Fly – by Eric Palmer, Mar 2017
A Stretch of River East of Town – The San Francisco Fly Caster’s Story, by Eric Palmer, Jan 2016
The Pheasant Tail Fly – by Eric Palmer, June 2016
The Wooly Bugger – by Eric Palmer, Nov 2015
Tenkara Flyfishing, by John Pellegrin (print ver.), July 2013
Investing in Your First Fly Rod,  by John Hogg, April 2013
Rigging for Nymph Fishing with Strike Indicators, by Pete Koistinen, 2013
Tailing Loops – The Caster’s Dilemma, by John Hogg, 2012
Demystifying Spey Casting, by John Peterson, 2012
Testament of a Fisherman, by Bill Carnazzo, 2012
*   Short-Line Nymphing: Another Perspective, by Bill Carnazzo, 2011
Introduction to Rigging Fly Lines and Leaders, by John Hogg, 2010
A Sailfish Adventure, by Mark Pinski, 2007
A day on a Local Salmon Creek – Gary Flanagan, Dec 2004
*   Fall Bounty – the October Caddis, by Bill Carnazzo, California Fly Fisher, 2002
Fishing the Lower Yuba River, by Jeremy Gray, 2000
Fly Fishing Bass Ponds, by Ryan Jablonski, 1998
The Pleasures of a Fishing Journal, by Jack L. Parker
Fly Fishers are Pack Rats, by Jack L. Parker
Early Season Trout, by Jack L. Parker, 1986
Developing and Improving Your Double Haul, by John Hogg, 1998

Other Contributors

Tips & Trivia: Myths, legends, lies, & other fishing facts, by Ralph Cutter
Tips from Lefty Kreh, Under the Alders, by Ralph and Lisa Cutter (previously in California Fly Fisher)
The Bill Schaadt Story, by Jack W. Berryman, NORTHWEST Fly Fishing, Fall 2005
The Turnover Point, by Andrew Harris, 2013
Steelhead Fishing California Rivers, by John Norstrand, Fly Fisherman magazine, Oct. 2012
*   Nymphing (Short-Line or Czech), by Lance Egan – Fly Fisherman Magazine, Nov. 2011
*   High Sticking Debunked , by Andrew Harris, 2010
*   Czech Nymphing, by Pavel Adamovsky, April 2006
Trout Leader Basics, by Bill Forward
Wisdom of the Cast, a Dave Huges interview, by Bill Forward
From the Trout’s Perspective, by Bill Forward
Tandem Rigging, by Bill Forward
Seeing Double – Dropper Flies and Tandem Rigs, by Philip Monahan
How to Choose Leaders and Tippets, by John Merwin
Bass Food, by Larry D. Hodge, 2008
Galloup’s Nymph Rigs, by Kelly Galloup, Fly Fisherman, 2008
*   Going Deep in the Name of Trout Research, by Kirk Deeter – Field & Stream, Jan. 2007
The North Yuba River, by Ralph Wood, 2007
Effect of Cutthroat on Truckee River catch rates, by Dave Rice, The Reno Gazette-Journal, 2007
An Interview of Bill Carnazzo, by Bud Bynack for California Fly Fisher, Mar/Apr 2006
*   As the Cro Flies, origins of vintage Upper Sac flies, by Chip O’Brien, California Fly Fisher, Nov/Dec 1996
The Return of the Upper Sac, by Chip O’Brien, California Fly Fisher, May/June 1994
Getting into Insects, by Chip O’Brien, California Fly Fisher, May/June 1994
Sink Rates of Sinking Lines, by James W. Havstad, Federation of Fly Fishers, November 1979. Excellent for a baseline understanding of classic sinking line terminology and sink rates.
  Truckee hatch chart, by The BigFlyCompany
Truckee hatch chart, by Ralph Cutter
Lake Davis hatch chart, by Bill Forward from Sierra Fisherman.
Upper Sac hatch Chart, by Chip O’Brien