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Fly Fishing 101
February 28 and March 6, 2018

With Jim Holmes and John Peterson

Our class on Fly Fishing 101 in 2018 will be held on February 28 and March 6 at the Raley’s Event Center located within at the Raley’s at the intersection of Auburn-Folsom Road and Douglas Blvd. in Granite Bay. John Peterson and I will conduct the class. Start time is 6:30 and will go until about 9 each night.

In this class, we’ll cover the basics of fly fishing: rods, reels, lines, leaders, equipment, flies, entomology, and much, much more. We are going to try a little different approach this year with trying to help you answer the question, “Where do I go fishing and what do I need to fish there?”.




There is a small $10 fee to cover the cost of printing the excellent book that goes along with the class. You can sign up at the next club meeting on February 8th or contact me directly at

Sign up at the next general meeting or email to: