Thursday, October 13

Henry Hoffman

If you’re a fly tyer, a new or wanna-be tyer or just someone interested in how the development of the highest grade natural tying materials came about, you won’t want to miss this presentation by legendary hackle developer Henry Hoffman.

As a commercial tyer in the 1960’s he was dissatisfied with the natural materials available and saw both a need and an opportunity to advance the art. Thus motivated, he was determined to improve the state of the art and began a lengthy program to selectively breed chickens to produce the highest quality fly tying feathers. Natural materials that were once almost impossible to find now became readily available. Without Henry, no one would be tying size 20 and smaller dry flies because his genetically engineered feathers were the first with qualities that would allow tying really small hackled flies. The guy was in fact a genius (translation: he found a need, found a solution, and with many years of hard work he solved the problem).

His unique presentation will focus on the process and history of developing hackles.




Leader’s Line

Our annual dinner is still several months away (March 18, 2017) but the GBF Dinner Committee is already hard at work to plan and execute a memorable event. Dinner and raffle tickets will begin selling at the October general meeting, and will be available as well on our website.

During the coming months, we will be asking our members for donations of items that will be appropriate for our silent auctions, and in that context I would like to mention that GBF is a non-profit organization (501-c-3) and donations are fully tax deductible. Additionally, your dues are tax deductible, and a portion of your dinner ticket will be deductible as well.

The revenue from the annual dinner is the primary financial driver for our Club, and I hope you will support the dinner with your attendance.

In the meantime, it’s fall – the best fishing time of the year – so let’s go fishin’!

Thank you.

John Hogg

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“Some days they take the fly greedily and some days not all the art in the world nor all the flies can lure a rise”.
– “Rogue River Angling”, Medford Mail Tribune, October 26, 1911


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