by Paul Egan


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This is a new article in the LEADER. I hope it will be helpful to many of our members. We will be covering the many overlooked aspects of fly tying that lie BEYOND THE VISE. My desire is to share some of my tricks and schemes in trade for some of yours.


If your tying bench looks like mine, then you, like myself, might need help.


When I first started tying, I went to the fly shops and was overwhelmed with the amount of materials available and by the different price ranges for what looked like the same thing. I bought many impractical items, some I have not used yet. When I started tying twenty years ago, my whole kit; vise, materials, and tools, fit in a small plastic tool caddy 14”x 6”x 8”.


As you can see by the picture, I have an inventory problem. Have you ever gone to the fly shop, stand in front of dubbing or chenille and wonder; do I have tanish-yellow or yellowish-tan at home? Or, look behind the counter and wonder; is the hook you need a TMC 3216 in size #8, or TMC 3218 size #6? Have you sat at your vise and said to yourself: “I could have sworn I bought some of that yesterday”?


If you have done any of these, I hope to get questions from you. If you have conquered any of these problems, drop me a line. Together, we may be able help those of us who are challenged in these areas. Send me some of your ideas for material storage, preparation, tool cleaning and storage, gear storage, or any other topic. We would appreciate hearing from you.


I have a few good tips already lined up. However, I will need other member’s participation to keep this column running. I hope you all enjoy this new addition to your LEADER.  



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