Conservation Projects and Education Support

Bruce Emard
VP Conservation

As a nonprofit fly fishing club, GBF strives to support fisheries conservation along with
community enrichment through fly fishing education for both members and the greater community.
Our financial donations are funded exclusively with proceeds from our annual club dinner every March.
Through generous donations from members and supporting business and others,  we are able
to disburse funds in excess of $6,000 annually to the organizations  below.


GBF Salmon/Steelhead Classroom Egg Program – An annual educational classroom egg program, in close cooperation with the California Dept. of Fish and Wildlife. GBF equips classrooms with fish tanks to hatch and nurture salmon or steelhead (trout) fry through release in the river including formal training for teachers to effectively support the program’s goals of educating students on the fish’s life cycle.  The egg program is in 70 area classrooms, grades 2 through 5, and has been in place since 1989.

Annual Scholarship – GBF makes a substantial annual donation in support of a graduate student majoring in Fisheries Management at California State University Humboldt.

Community Outreach

Cast Hope We make an annual donation to this nonprofit which, with guidance and support from leading fishing guides who donate their time, conducts free fly fishing trips, clinics and events for a positive impact on youth in communities throughout Northern California, Southern California, and Western Nevada. Find more information here.

TU Trout Camp entomology

Casting for Recovery

Youth Trout Camp, Truckee Chapter of Trout Unlimited – Along with a cash donation, each year in  July our club sends volunteers to help at this two-day event held near Lake Tahoe.  Volunteer coaches are requested for casting, fly tying, knot tying, and untangling wind knots.  Check the calendar for volunteer opportunities.  Come help a new generation find the same lightness of heart that you enjoy, rod in hand, legs in the stream! Find more information here.

Casting for Recovery – Through volunteers and an annual cash donation, we support the important work of this organization that enriches the lives of women with, or recovering from, breast cancer through the therapeutic sport of fly fishing. GBF has pledged 10% of proceeds from our annual fundraising dinner to this effort.


Volunteer Projects and Stewardship Opportunities
we support with an annual cash donation 

See links below to websites for information about ongoing projects. These sites are dedicated to local conservation projects and getting things done.

Putah Creek stream bed augmentation

Putah Creek Trout – With volunteers and a donation, we help with Putah Creek spawning bed restoration, removal of invasive plants on the bank, and replanting of saplings along the stream. Watch for updates on the calendar for opportunities to help out.

Trout Unlimited (TU) and the Truckee River – GBF supports TU with volunteers and a cash donation toward their efforts to improved fish habitat on both the Little Truckee River and the “Big” Truckee River.  They have gathered resources to install rip-rap and weirs for holding water and spawning beds, and we’re grateful for their leadership.  You can help!  Watch the calendar for posted events like trail maintenance, willow sapling planting, mulching, and illegal campsite dismantling.

Save the American River Association (SARA) – This is a grass roots nonprofit organization founded in 1961 to spearhead the establishment of the American River Parkway — the “crown jewel” of the Sacramento County Park System. Their mission is to protect and enhance the wildlife habitat, fishery, and recreational resources of the American River Parkway.

Friends of the River – Friends of the river protects and restores rivers by influencing public policy and inspiring citizen action.

Dry Creek Conservancy Salmon Surveys – With an annual donation and volunteers, GBF assists Dry Creek Conservancy in conducting anadromous fish counts in the Auburn Ravine watershed.  DCC requests volunteers to help with this task in November or December each year, and typically the announcement is last-minute because it’s impossible to predict when the fish will be moving into these areas.  The best way to stay tuned for this opportunity is to enable GBF calendar notifications for last minute changes.

NCCFFF – GBF has partnered with the Northern California Council of the Federation of Fly Fishers which serves the fish and fly fishers of the Northern California, Nevada, Hawaii and Guam. NCCFFF are the watchdogs of our local waters working hand in hand with many fly fishing clubs to protect fish and promote the sport of fly fishing.