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Club Fishouts are designed to give members opportunities to learn the art from more experienced members, hone their skills and most importantly, to catch fish. From selecting the right location and time, to helping those members new to the sport, we try to make these trips fun, exciting and successful. GBF Flycasters has many accomplished anglers who are willing to share their skills with others and you are only limited by your willingness to participate.

We are also fortunate to have some of the best fisheries in the nation within just a few hours drive. Whether you are interested in Stripers, Shad, Salmon, Steelhead, Bass, Pan Fish, or Trout, our region has opportunities available on a year-round basis.

Typically, fishouts are free, although some leaders may, at their discretion choose to provide an optional burger or sandwich lunch at a nominal cost. Also, some leaders may choose to structure their event to include a professional fishing guide, and in such cases the guides normal fee plus gratuity will be split among all participants.

Fishouts are announced at the monthly meetings with details published in our monthly newsletter The Leader, and on this website. Some Fishouts will have a limit on participants depending on the venue and whether or not it can support a larger group. If the signup sheet becomes full for these events, a standby list is maintained in the event of cancellations. Since weather and water conditions can affect fishout arrangements, you should always be in contact with the Fishout Leader before attending an event. Club Fishouts are limited to active club members only-no guests please. If you haven’t joined GBF yet, you will find a printable application form here and either mail it in or bring it to the next meeting.

We also have impromptu spur of the moment “no-host” outings in between the regular scheduled club Fishouts that are announced on the GBF Message Board or club-wide “email message blast”. A no-host Fishout is a more streamlined no frills event compared to the traditional “full service” Fishout. Be sure to visit the Message Board often in order to get in on fishing trips with a short notice and to share other information with club members.

Fishout Leaders needed…   

Would you like to lead your own GBF Fishout? Choose one of your favorite spots (or one you don’t mind sharing with others) and lead your fellow GBF’ers there for a day (or longer) of fishing, fun, and fellowship.  Even if you have never organized such an outing, the Fishmaster will provide assistance and make it easy (and fun) for you.  Leading Fishouts is a great way to enrich your club membership, make new friends and acquire new fishing partners.

When you lead a Fishout, it’s important to promote the event in advance and publicize the results on your return in order to promote interest in future Fishouts. At least one month before the event, write up a short paragraph touting the benefits of participating. At the Fishout, take plenty of photos and provide a short write-up of the day’s activities. Email this information to Frank Stolten fstolten@comcast.net , Editor of The Leader, for inclusion in the next edition. The Fishmaster is also available to assist you with these efforts. See the panel to the right for more info. on leading and participating in Fishouts.