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Conservation Projects
Dave Fujiyama
VP Conservation

Some activities do not have specific dates announced by the collaborating organization, who sometimes may not announce the actual date until a few days prior; however, the anticipated month is indicated when known to give you a general timeline to plan your schedule.  Updates will be provided on this page and in the GBF Message Board when dates become available, so please check back often.

The GBF Classroom Egg Program – On-going classroom Salmon egg education program to equip classrooms to hatch and nurture salmon fry through release in the river. This program is in xx area classrooms and has been in place since 19xx.

Volunteer Projects and Events 

Here are some links to websites you can get information about ongoing projects. These sites are dedicated to conservation and getting things done.

Trout Unlimited (TU) – the stories cover places near and far and the people that you may meet someday fishing that special place you always wanted to fish.

Endangered Species Coalition – Find out what’s happening to the protected wildlife in areas that you frequent, lived in or have known.

NCCFFF – The Northern California Council of the Federation of Fly Fishers serves the fish and fly fishers of the northern parts of California, Nevada, Hawaii and Guam. These folks are the watch dogs of our local waters working hand in hand with many flyfishing clubs to protect fish and promote the sport of flyfishing.

McCloud River Keepers – This is a stewardship group made up of clubs, organizations, fishing companies, guides, fishing folk. Their purpose is to protect the habitat of the McLoud, and protect the rights of fishers to a State licensed season.

South Yuba Rivers Citizens League (SYRCL) – Is a leading voice for protecting and restoring the Yuba River and the greater Yuba Watershed Foundation

California Coastkeeper Alliance (CCKA) –  Coordinates, supports, and enhances the work of the local California Waterkeeper programs to provide a statewide voice for safeguarding California’s waters and its world-renowned coast and ocean for the benefit of all Californians and for California’s future.